How to cure a cough in a child?

How to cure a cough in a child?

method of treatment often depends on how the disease is caused by coughing.Therefore, to begin to understand the reason of unpleasant symptoms, and only then to carry out adequately its treatment.Accurate diagnosis only by a specialist and, therefore, it is better not to self-medicate, and seek medical advice immediately.

causes of cough

cough is caused by a variety of diseases, including:

  • SARS (severe respiratory viral infection) - the most common cause of childhood;
  • bronchitis or asthma;
  • inhaling a foreign object;
  • allergy;
  • adenoids and inflammation of the respiratory system;
  • pertussis.

Traditional treatment

Once again it should be noted that a cough - a symptom, so it is important to eliminate its cause.However, if the cough is dry, then there is no sputum, usually subject to special fees and syrups, called mucolytics which thin the selection.

child to a good rest at night, your doctor may recommend taking a soothing antitussive.Its application is admissible, when the child is literally "comes" in the cough, which prevents him from sleeping.With these medications need to be careful, because they affect the cough center in the brain, suppressing it.As a result, it remains on the mucous sputum, and this may contribute to inflammatory processes.

also appointed expectorants that accelerate sputum, helping rather get rid of the unpleasant symptoms.

How to cure colds cough: basic methods

Anti charges

When bronchitis and acute respiratory viral infections helps to relieve inflammation of chamomile or sage.Used as special charges ready.Brew herbs according to the instructions and then let at least a little baby warm with intervals of 1-2 hours over several days.


by inhalation can relieve sputum process.Traditional hot inhalation only apply in the absence of high temperature.Otherwise, the heat may increase the thermometer readings, which naturally is undesirable.

can use special equipment - nebulizers.They ultrasonically creating tiny droplets of therapeutic substances without using steam and heat.


To facilitate the cough can use rubbing, but only in those cases when there is no heat.Rubbing was carried out as special ointments containing echinacea, eucalyptus, and other means, and honey (if no allergy to it).

warm alkaline water

mitigate painful cough and help remove phlegm from the respiratory tract helps to warm milk with a teaspoon of ghee and buckwheat honey.Preparing means as follows: milk is heated to 60-70 ° C.While it is hot, the oil is dissolved, and then cooled down to 40 degrees is added to honey.Done so because when heated honey loses its vitamins and nutrients.

Drinking such means can be multiple times per day, including at bedtime.It is well softens the throat and soothes cough.

electrophoresis and magnetic

These methods are applied in the absence of temperature conditions of medical institutions.Shown in the event of prolonged cough, weak immunity, and in other cases.There shall be only a doctor.

Mustard and banks

good means of these somewhat forgotten funds may be cough.Is warming effect of these methods allows you to activate the protective functions of the body, phlegm, increase blood circulation in the organs of respiration.Carry them only in the absence of temperature.Not shown mustard and banks to infants and young children.

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Special cases of cough Laryngitis

The disease is usually characterized by a powerful barking cough, redness of the throat, hoarse voice, painful sensations in the throat.The cause of the disease is often viruses scarlet fever, whooping cough or measles.Therefore, be sure to visit the pediatrician.And more on the tactics of treatment read in our article How to treat laryngitis |How to treat a cough laryngitis.


If the cough was the result of an autoimmune disease, you first need to determine which allergens cause vomiting, then remove it, and the baby to give antihistamines to doctor's after a thorough examination.After treatment the cough must pass without any consequences.