What kind of man do you fit ?

What kind of man do you fit ?

Partner, perfect in all respects, such as shown in the romance, life does not exist.But there are enough men around imperfect, with whom you could easily be happy.But the questions that you ask yourself at this: What do you want?What kind of man do you fit?Is there a way to find out about this and will be discussed in this article.

Women's intuition did not deceive

We tend to doubt, and therefore, in spite of the external well-being, women's intuition compels us to be hesitant and cautious.What man is right for me?- You ask.Perhaps you will be surprised, but it is quite easy to understand.Five rules can help you determine almost unerringly, fit man, or does not fit.

  • If a man humiliates, insults or offends you, and this was more than once, by accident or under the influence of difficult circumstances - you need to leave it immediately.You can not connect my life with a man who will slowly but surely lowering your self-esteem.Insulting words has the same effect as physical violence.In no case can not stay with such a man.Take a hard decision, of course, will be painful, but it is temporary.
  • If a man is not ready to accept you for who you are and trying to change you - these relations have no future.You do not even need to try to change themselves to please him.For men, that requires you to break yourself, your character, do not necessary in any case.You did not forgive either him or myself.
  • Look, if he keeps his promise.Not only in relation to you.If a man is not able or willing to keep his word, he will definitely not suitable.
  • If a man is so hot-tempered that he was ready to throw a scandal because of all the little things, the best solution in this situation would be to leave him immediately.Of course, the relationship between two people can not be perfect, you can not do without quarrels.But if it happens all the time, why would you need a life "like a cat with a dog."
  • propensity of men to discrimination, no matter on what grounds, racist nationalism or chauvinism ... We will not dig so deep.If he is treated badly and speaks negatively about your family and friends, it is good to think about whether I am a man approaches?

Write down on a piece of paper everything you want from a relationship with a man.If a man who is with you now as a potential chosen, does not meet at least one of the principles written by you, leave it.Adhering to the rules set out above, you will not be wasting time on the person with whom you obviously does not work, and quickly start looking for your man, your ideal partner.

Five signs of a suitable man

  • you are respectful to each other.Without respect for the relationships are impossible, that without mutual respect.The man treats you with respect, if:
    • ready to compromise,
    • attentive to your concerns and feelings,
    • feels, if you have a concern,
    • appreciates you and your opinion about something,
    • sincerely rejoice at your successes.
  • He is endowed with the qualities that you value in a man.Make a list for yourself of these qualities.Please select at least ten features that are important to you in a man.Write them down in order of their importance.Look at the list again and cross out those qualities that are important to you less.Thus, the need to keep a maximum of 3-5 qualities that are fundamental for you and irreplaceable.Keep in mind:
    • compiled a list, do not forget that no one is perfect;
    • compiled it, look for a man who will strictly conform to it, because, most likely, another man you do not fit.
  • You have the same values.This issue should be discussed.If a man has not established values, it is an alarming sign.Psychologically mature man has clear priorities in their lives.
  • Listen to intuition.If you do, without any reason, there is a feeling that this is your man, then it is possible that the way it is.
  • you can be yourself.If you are next to a man to be myself, it does not require you to change your habits, your character, your way of life for the sake of it, it's probably the man for you.

So we have tried to help you answer the tantalizing question: what kind of a man is right for me?Test on this topic will help you make the final decision.Sites such questionnaires on the Internet quite a lot.