How to treat a cough child?

How to treat a cough child?

we'll find out in this article, what and how to treat cough child older than two years.If you are interested than treated cough in infants, we recommend the following article.And for those who already have a year or two, that's fine will approach this instruction.Also, we note at the outset that when a cough should immediately inform your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

How to treat dry cough

Dry cough (ie without sputum) in children may indicate a variety of diseases;but in most cases it is a symptom of colds (in this case, doctors usually diagnose SARS).In this dry cough often accompanied by pain in the throat.This cough is necessary to "soften", making it wet, and only then should ensure the complete removal of phlegm.And the first thing that can be done to facilitate the child's condition - is to allow him to move, but in moderation.It does not prohibit young patient to walk, play quiet games, because of the positive effect on the respiratory system, cleansing the bronchi.The only thing to be avoided, - this too active games because they may lead to temperature increase.

following recommendation: do not limit a child to drink.You can give your baby water, juice, very good stewed fruit, berry fruit drinks.Remember: The more the baby drinks, the faster the cough becomes wet, as liquid liquefies phlegm.

also regularly ventilate the room, removing the child at the time of airing of the room.Good help and humidifiers.No moisturizer?Do not worry - hang on the battery big wet cloth or any other fabric painting.In summer you can leave in a container with water room - the water will gradually evaporate, humidifying the air.

Traditional medicine against dry cough

As for the drugs, we recommend first of all pay attention to traditional medicine as potent drugs are shown only when a strong and prolonged cough.Because herbs are ideal mother-and-stepmother, nard and rosemary, which are sold in almost any drugstore.They must be brewed in accordance with the instructions, usually in a water bath.Decoction of these herbs have excellent expectorant effect.Also very helpful mixture of juice of black radish and honey, plantain juice, licorice, marshmallow, and drugs, which act as a component of ivy leaves (eg, "Gedeliks" or "Prospan").

All of the above products contain substances thinning bronchial mucus and facilitate expectoration.However, herbal remedies have its drawbacks.So, pronounced "thinning" effect can cause the accumulation of large amounts of mucus, which the child will be difficult to expectorate, because traditional medicines often do not have a long duration of action, and to increase their dose of inappropriate and even harmful (nausea and vomiting).That is why doctors recommend the use of modern mucolytic drugs (so-called doctors medication, thinning phlegm) with a strong dry cough.

means of modern pharmacology

you select such a drug primarily as ACC (to the same group can be attributed to such means as "Fluimucil").ACC is able to as soon as possible to dilute and excrete the accumulated phlegm;in addition, it significantly reduces the inflammation in the airways, which greatly facilitates the child's condition.For children of preschool age will approach a variety of ACC-100.It is able to cope even with chronic cough, if you follow the instructions on the reception (in this case, the reception time can be up to twenty days, with a possible repetition of the course after a while).

also draw your attention to drugs such as "ambrogeksal", "Lasolvan" (variety "Ambroxol") and "Bromhexine", although the latter for its efficiency is slightly inferior to all the above.By the way, "Ambroxol" is good because it can be taken at any age, even very young children.And drugs such as "Mucodyne" and "Bronkatar" not only liquefies phlegm, but also help to restore the bronchi.The only thing they should not be given to children suffering from constipation.

How to treat severe coughing

In some cases, when the cough is so painful that the child breaks and he starts to hurt his chest and stomach, help drugs that suppress the cough (such as "Libeksin", "Sinekod", "Tusupreks"" Glauvent ") and combined (" Stoptussin "" Lorraine "" geksapnevmin ").However, we emphasize that they should be used with extreme caution and only in those cases when the cough causes vomiting and chest pain.The fact that these drugs can hinder expectoration.Cough passes, but accumulate in the airway mucus can not only make it difficult to breath, but also cause a recurrence.That is why the above antitussives and combination of drugs often contraindicated for children of preschool age, and prior to reception should be compulsory to consult a specialist.

It should also be borne in mind that some drugs combined action (eg, "Solutan" or "Bronholitin") may be taken only in the presence of heavy liquid discharge, since these drugs are dried mucous membrane of the throat.As for anti-inflammatory drugs (for example, "Erespal"), their reception, are generally not lead to undesirable side effects, but the benefit from these drugs is available, since it is an inflammation of the respiratory tract and causes cough.But the antibiotics and so-called bronchodilators (agents that enhance the airways) not always help, so do not give them to the child without consulting a doctor.


Benefits inhalation is that a particular drug acts directly on the respiratory tract, improves thinning mucus and reducing bronchial spasms.And this, in turn, leads to a gradual cessation of coughing.

One of the easiest and most effective ways - a steam inhalation.In even conventional soda can be used as an active ingredient.One need only recall that the children can not breathe above the water, the temperature of which is above + 40 ° C, and for small children, this figure should not exceed + 30 ° C.If a child is suffering from diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis or asthma, as an inhaler is best to use a special device - a nebulizer, which provides access to medicines in any point of the respiratory system and in the required quantities.

Preventive measures

As you know, the best treatment - is prevention, so in the end we will give you some useful tips to prevent cough in a child even before it arrives.First of all, try to wear during the celebrations of the child according to the weather and remember that overheating is not less dangerous than exposure.In addition, healthy children help pouring cool (but not cold) water, with only the legs need to wash, rather than the whole body, as do some parents.Quit smoking with a child, because tobacco smoke negatively affects the respiratory system of any organism, and especially children not strong.If the outbreak of cold infections occur in your area, you can walk, but it should reduce child contacts with others and certainly not to visit crowded places.And, of course, do not forget about vitamins and immune-boosting drugs (eg, "Immunal"), as well as about the proper nutrition.