How to insert a banner?

How to insert a banner?

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How to insert a banner?

Contextual advertising demand and reference site owners, but did not think to take the position and the banner.Vivid pictures always catchy look and focus attention.Properly designed banner can attract more visitors to a particular resource.Create this type of advertising can be independently, if you make a little effort.However, if you're familiar with Photoshop, the problems should arise.Consider how to make and deliver banner.

First step: creating a banner

In short, you can make it the most convenient way for you:

  • order a freelancer;
  • develop independently;
  • use programs to create banners;
  • use the online servers for the creation of banners.

more details on this in the article How to make a banner.

Second stage: occupancy

banner banner inserted on site and in different ways.In order to accomplish this, a good idea to have knowledge of web programming language.But if you do not have these skills, it is not a problem - all elementary.For more information about housing options - in the article How to place a banner.

banner code has a fairly simple structure:

  • & lt;a href = "place where the banner is" & gt; & lt;img style = "position: absolute; top: 50px; right: 300px; border: 1px solid # ddad22;"src = "link for the banner location" "alt =" label "border =" 1 "/ & gt; & lt; / a & gt;

will understand the meaning of individual elements:

  • position: absolute - refers to the positioning element relative to the other. objects on the page When exhibiting such importance banner positioned transparent - that is, other elements are reflected as if the banner is not a site cap in the form whole pictures then to insert your banner properly, change position from absolute to relative
  • top.?.: 50px - indicates the position of the element relative to the upper edge of the cap. changing the value, you can move the banner up and down.
  • right: 300px - indicates the position of the element relative to the right side of the header of the site, you can also change.
  • border: 1px - is the thickness of the strokebanner (if not necessary, expose 0)
  • solid # ddad22 - stroke color, it can be changed at your discretion.

Way to Make a banner

insert the generated code, following the path: Toolbar - Editor - header.php

Open the header file.It is necessary to insert the code - usually advised to insert tags in the area.Check.

"Play" with the values ​​of code elements, if not achieve the right kind of banner immediately.

Banner advertising company

To insert the banner, register the code in the header caps code:

  • & lt;div class = "ban" & gt;

then list the script advertising banner

  • & lt; / div & gt;

Open style file.css.Here list the following:

  • {
  • display: block;
  • position: absolute;
  • left: 321px;
  • top: 45px;
  • width: 468px;
  • text-align: center;
  • }

code, insert the end of the file.The values ​​top, left can be changed.As wigth - is the banner width.

Good luck!