How to insert a video on a website?

How to insert a video on a website?

With video, you can show that does not reflect a static picture, you can teach instruction and to convey information.But the ways of how to insert a video on the site, are significantly different from the platform on which he stands.Prepare to be that you'll have to dig into the HTML-code, but it is not as difficult as it seems at first.

There are several ways a video posted on the website.The first method - use video hosting, where the video is processed in a digital format, and the second - to insert a video that you have on your computer.

The first method is the simplest, the code is generated automatically on the host site, you only need to insert it.But with the second method will have to tinker ...

first method: Youtube

most popular site for placing video - youtube.Here you can find almost anything.In order to insert youtube video to the site, do the following:

  1. Open the page of the video you want to insert.
  2. Click "Submit" and then "Embed."
  3. Before you open the window with the code, the four points that can be customized and window sizing options, which will be your video.If none of the options you are not satisfied, you can enter its dimensions in pixels, in special fields.Proportions will be saved, so you need to enter only the width or height.
  4. Note check "use the old embed code".It should be used if a conventional video source on the site can not be played.
  5. Now enter the HTML-editor and paste the code there.
  • Wordpress.Click the HTML tab.Now paste the code into the main field.See what happens, you can by clicking on the tab "Visual".
  •, turn on the HTML tab, insert video and browsing the "visual editor".If you do not work - use the old code.
  • "Edit HTML», to insert the code and check.

second way

To use the second method, you will need a special flash-player, which will play video on your website.In this case the player, and the video will be on your site.

You can use any player that you like, such as FlowPlayer.

player downloading the file, you will need to unzip it on your site.Create a separate folder for this.

Now go to the page on which the video is to be placed, and enter the tag that's that:

script type = "text / javascript" src = "flowplayer / flowplayer-3.2.2 min js.."

Thereafter,We enter a few codes, which will be listed directly address your movie.

flowplayer ( "player", {src: "http: //vvedite_adres_vashego_sayta_zdes/flowplayer/flowplayer-3.2.2 swf.", Wmode: "transparent"});

Bold words should be replaced by the corresponding Internet addresses.

Save your work and all have video on your page!

Sites ucoz

special attention zastuzhivayut ways of how to insert a video on the site ucoz.You can also do this using the Youtube website or direct link to the cast to the host video.

  1. Open the site and create a new material.
  2. Now administration panel, select the tab "Media", and it "Connect video (youTube)»
  3. new window opens, where the top line we put in the address of the video on youTube before you.
  4. Click on the window, and BB-code needed to insert itself will be generated in the second field.
  5. This code is necessary to copy and go to "add BB codes Panel" in the appendix material.
  6. Insert the copied code, and save.

Sites joomla

slightly different sequence of actions need to pass in order to insert a video on a joomla site.To work with him is necessary plugin AllVideos from companies JoomlaWorks.

  1. Download and install it, and then go to the extensions, plugins get there, where you must be downloaded AllVideos.Turn it on.
  2. In the settings you can adjust the size of the window in which the video will play.
  3. Go to the images / stories folder and create a folder there are videos where you and will download all the videos that you want to publish.
  4. Now go in the HTML editor and paste the code plug into it.AllVideos plays SWF, FLV, 3GP, MOV, WMV, DivX, MP4 (H.264).


for FLV-file, type:

For SWF-files, use:

And then similarly, using braces format.

If you want to put a video from YouTube, you need to enter the following code:

For example, if the link to the video: http: // / watch?v = Byo_2jD-zwo & amp;feature = g-logo-xit.

That code will be:

{youtube} Byo_2jD-zwo & amp;feature = g-logo-xit {/ youtube}

Now you know how to use html, insert a video on the site.Nothing complicated, right?