How to insert a picture on a website?

How to insert a picture on a website?

Many content management systems have a special insert interface images to a specific article.But the user-friendly interface is not always available.Or some of the components can be disabled by the site administrator, in particular - to download files.Then there is a problem - how to insert a picture on a website?Often, such a thing solved manually insert pictures on the website.

use html-tags.

Language html (HyperText Markup Language) - a markup language of web pages on the Internet.Html is a set of special tags that will lead to the alignment of the elements on the page and implement a common styling elements.For example, set the background, the background color, font size, vertical / horizontal alignment, etc.

To solve our problems we need a tag img.To insert a picture in the right place, it is necessary, selecting this place the mouse cursor to insert type structure & lt;img src = "ADRES_SSYLKI" / & gt ;.Braces denote the beginning and end tag."Src" is the source image (source).Instead ADRES_SSYLKI necessary to substitute the address of the image.The address can be either full or relative.Full means that the calculation comes from the root object.A relative comes from some of the current folder.For example, the absolute and the relative are for Windows XP: "C: \ TestDir \ NewDir \ 1.jpg "and" \ NewDir \ 1.jpg "TestDir for the current folder.

To insert a picture in the header, you have to find the upper part, which often has the word "header" in its name.Next you need to find the img tag, which should change the src attribute.After, it is necessary to test the solution by updating the web page.

use of third-party services

Some services provide an expanded set of skills for working with images.For example, uploading a picture to, you'll be able to post a picture, treated with special filters.You can change the size of the pictures, hanging on her references, there is the possibility of creating a small copy of the image to create a logo and many more.Functionality such services is truly limitless.