How to insert a card on the website ?

How to insert a card on the website ?

Each of us probably ever prompted the road and asked her himself.Cities are becoming more and more companies in them is also growing.To the office of your company could easily find in the city, it is very useful to place on a site map showing the location of the office building.

How to insert the site static map

static map is a view (a plan diagram of the area), in which isolated or observed the right building.The scale of such a card can not be changed, and there is no opportunity to see another part of the city.Such cards are convenient to use, if the office is located at a distance from other buildings on the premises of a large technology park.

To insert such a card is enough to make a picture card, apply the necessary mark and cruise line (if necessary) and then inserted into the HTML code through the tag «img scr» or another used in the code of your site.

How to add a dynamic to the site map

dynamic maps, in contrast to the static, it is used much more frequently and allows the user much easier and more convenient to find the right building and office.To install on your site dynamic map, it is necessary to create special through Google or Yandex services.Both services have similar functionality and virtually no different algorithms create maps.

We describe the process of creating a dynamic map and further add it to the site on the example API Yandex service.Kart.

To get started with the service you need to log in to your account at Yandex or register if you do not have an account.After the input is done, you need to go to a page and click "Create a new map".

Next you need to find the right building and using the tool "Set points" mark it.At the request of the building on the map and can be identified by means of lines or polygon by selecting the appropriate tools.The service makes it possible to draw up the route of the building using the "Drawing Lines" button.

If you are not satisfied with the size of the map window, you can change it.You must click on the "Change card size".After that there will be runners, with which you can change the size of the map up or down.

After all card configurations are completed, you need to enter the name of the card in the appropriate form and click "Save and Get Code."In the form of a button that will generate code that will need to copy and paste into the desired position in the code of the site.

To create another card, you need to re-enter the above link and just repeat the whole process.Any editing is done in the same place after clicking on the "Edit" button.After editing the HTML-code card on the site needs to be updated.

If we compare the two services together, then, of course, insert the card from Yandex is somewhat simpler.This is due to the fact that the Google Maps interface is somewhat unusual, and to find in it something quickly and simply does not work, although the process is very similar to the process of creating API Yandex forces card.In general, it all depends on to what service you are more accustomed.