How to insert the site Yandex map ?

How to insert the site Yandex map ?

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How to insert the site Yandex map?

Geytc Bill once said: "If you do not have the Internet - do not have a business."That is why almost every company today has its "representation" in the World Wide Web.Of course, the sites of these companies made to customers, and that they can quickly find the office, often necessary to introduce a dynamic map on the website.To learn how to insert the site Yandex map, we'll talk in this article.

Creating and editing Yandex maps

If you do not have an account on Yandex, then it should start.Then you need to go to a page designer Yandex maps.There is a direct creation of the desired card, and edit all of its parameters.

Click "Create a new map" and begin to scale the map so that the desired area on the map is visible in the active region.It can be a house, a street, or quarter.If desired, you can draw the route to the office, for example, from the metro station.

tools also maps provide the ability to edit the size of the active window that will be displayed on your site to put on the map overlays in the form of polygons, making it possible to highlight the area on the map.

Then using the tool "Set point" refers to the building of the office and enter the name of the card, such as "Directions to the office of the company XXX".

introduction of cards on site

Click "Save Changes" and choose the type of card: "static" or "interactive".It is worth noting that in this case sensible to choose the interactive map for static card can be inserted and a simple method, in a picture.After saving changes immediately generate a link that you want to copy and paste into the HTML code in the right spot on your site.Insert Yandex map can be on any site where you can edit the source code HTML: free site builder, as well as the most common platforms (engines).

If suddenly your office has moved to a different location, you do not need to remove the card and create a new one.The map will be saved to your account on Yandex, and is simple enough to edit it.Then you need to update the script in the code of the site, and all changes are saved.