How to insert Flash to your website ?

How to insert Flash to your website ?

Flash objects help revive the site, that makes a big impression on users.Our article will help those who do not know how to insert a flash on the site.

How to insert Flash object in HTML

Flash, music in mp3, mp4, avi to HTML is ordinary objects that are inserted using the OBJECT tag.Almost all the flash files are created with a resolution.SWF, so the problems should arise.

The tag object is inserted «data» with the address of the object, indicating the type (application), and version information of the player to view.Do not forget about the size of the file.All of this would look like this: & lt;object data = "http: // address / flash swf." type = "application / x-shockwave-flash" width = "315" height = "308" & gt;& Lt; / object & gt ;.

Flash on WordPress

Download Files with Kimili Flash Embed

  1. Download and install the plug-in;
  2. Go to "Settings Control Panel →« Settings »→« WP-SWFObject »→ change the necessary settings;

Note: in this case, leave the default settings, change the following: in paragraph Window Mode drop-down list, select OPAQUE,save the changed settings

  1. Downloading ready swf file using WordPress loader;..
  2. Press on appeared in the recording icon is red, with the result that there is a window to control the flash objects in the control window, enter the size of the file and its full path.;
  3. Copy the code in place for recording;
  4. Flash object is ready

Download files with WP-SWFObject

  1. are downloading the plugin;.
  2. Copy in the site folder;
  3. Open site control panel, activate;
  4. window settings leave the standard option;

Note: you can change the version of SWFObject base.

  1. Using WordPress system load.swf file;
  2. Copy the code in the sidebar.Looks code as follows:
  3. [SWF] file path / fi.swf, width, height [/ SWF], where width is the width and height - the height, enter a value in pixels;
  4. Flash object is ready.

use of plug-ins convenient becausemay update the player to the correct version, as well as showing the same content without installed flash-player

Flash object on Joomla

first method:

  1. Go to the site panel;
  2. Select the subsection "Extensions";
  3. Go to "Template Manager";
  4. Select the template you want, confirm the action "Change";Insert
  5. code at the point where a flash is necessary object for this use tags & lt;div & gt ;.

second way:

  1. Go to the site panel;
  2. Select the subsection "Extensions";
  3. Go to "Template Manager";
  4. Select the desired template, click "Change";Insert
  5. code at the place where the object is needed by flash & lt;div class = "myflash" & gt; & lt;jdoc: include type = "modules" name = "myflash" / & gt; & lt; / div & gt;
  6. Open «templateDetails file.xml », insert the tag« positions »code for« myflash »;
  7. perform actions in administrative panel "Extensions» → «Module Manager» → «Start» → «NTML arbitrary code» → «Next»;
  8. Select «myflash» position in the editing pane;
  9. Select the page in the panel "Destination Menu", through which will be displayed flash object;
  10. affirmative action "Insert Flash Object", select the type of "the Flash", specify the path to the file, the size, keep the actions taken;
  11. Flash object is ready.