How to change the background of your site?

How to change the background of your site?

If the background on the pages of your site is a single image having a width of the site and its reproduction on the vertical, then change the background, you can edit most of the images in a graphics program.If it is formed in the page code, you can change it by using our instructions.

How to change the background of the site: User

  • To change the background of the site, for a start you need to determine how the pattern set in the current version of the pages on this site.Open source code page on the server.To do this, it is quite suitable text editor Notepad.By the way, directly in the browser using the integrated page editor also possible to change the background for the site.HTML - page is a code consisting of lines of instructions for the browser, it describes the appearance of the types and location of each component of the web page.These instructions are called "tags."They are assembled in blocks, one of which dates back to the tag and end tag.In compliance with the standards set yazykav tag settings page background.You can do this by placing it bgcolor attribute: green.In this case, the green color of the page background has been set.But some colors have their own names (for HTML standards).For example, Chocolate, but using 16-ary usually color codes.
  • For pages with sophisticated design is used to describe the appearance of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).CSS - a language that is only designed to describe the appearance of the components of the html-document.CSS-code can be included in the page code to connect to the pages with special instructions and may be included in the page code itself.You need to find in the pages tag codes.If it refers to an external file, you will need to open the file for further editing.This link is as follows: = "type/css" media = "all" & gt; @import "style css." ;.If the tag comes immediately after the instruction, rather than link to a file, then edit the style you need here.To change the background color of the page you want to change the setting background-color.For example: body {background-color;Green;color: White;}

If you want to make a beautiful background for the site, you can not just change the background color, and add any image: body {background: Green url (img/bg jpg.) repeat-x;color: White;}.In this case, the image will be used under the name bg.jpg, repeat-x also shows that the image reproduced on the X axis (horizontal).

space, which is not covered in our picture, will have a background of green.In this case, it was specified before the parameter url.If you specify a repeat-y, then the image will be reproduced on axis Y. already add that when you specify the no-repeat will be disabled replication wallpaper.

Our article describes how to put a background on the site, how to change the color scheme, as well as the possibility of inserting any picture.Now, your site will be the most original and memorable!