How to change the color of the text in HTML?

How to change the color of the text in HTML?

Every beginner webmaster, learning the basics of sites to HTML, often wonders how to improve the created site, which would be different from the others by its unique design.In some cases, it helps to change the style or color of the text.In this article you will learn in detail how to change the color of text to html.

To change the text color of the special tags and attributes used in HTML.By changing the value of the attribute, you can choose one or another color.To select the color of your text, you can use an HTML table colors, which can be found on the Internet in the public domain.Now, look at the example of what are tags and how to use them.


& lt;font color = "# B22222" & gt; text & lt; / font & gt;Example

& lt;font & gt; - tag is responsible for changing text, color - an attribute that is responsible for the color of the text, and the value of "# B22222" - this is the best html text color that you need to change.In this example, the test color - red and the color attribute value set of HTML color table number.But the value can be set and the name of a certain color.In our example, the red - is "red".Then our example is as follows.

Example 2:

& lt;font color = "red" & gt; text & lt; / font & gt;

The above examples show how to change the color of the text in the HTML document.This way, you can highlight a paragraph, sentence or even one word in the text.But just as there is a way to highlight the entire text of the document, one or another color.For this there is text attribute you want to insert into the tag & lt;body & gt; & lt; / body & gt;, between which is placed the entire text of your page.And then the same thing - to insert the desired value using a number or name of the desired color.

Example 3:

& lt;body text = "red" & gt; text & lt; / body & gt;

As you can see to change the color of text to HTML is not difficult.Enough to know some html tags text color, and the color values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can easily pick up from the tables.Note, however, that such changes are already outdated.Now for any change in the text correspond to CSS styles.But no one forbids you to use these examples as a study.