How to make scrolling ?

How to make scrolling ?

first thing visitors see on any site, its so-called "cap".This is all the UI elements in the upper part of the resource.Indexing by search engines is also produced in that order.That is why many people prefer to put a slide show, ticker.Slideshow - an element that contains all the information which must be taken out first.This can be advertisements, RSS-feeds and links.

Creating a marquee

consider in detail how to do running a string of HTML.To create this item, you can use plug-ins, which are composed of a number of templates.But many webmasters prefer to prescribe all the scrolling text function manually.To make the running line on the site, as you already understood, using the HTML language.The basis for the future of the slide show is MARQUEE tag.It provides a scroll function of data within a row.In this layout, the tag appears as a rectangular block, which is set by the size and structure, putting into necessary.Depending on the desired properties of the line will be different, but the main view is as follows:

& lt;marquee & gt;
data that you put into (advertising, text links)
& lt; / marquee & gt;

& lt;marquee behavior = "scroll" direction = "left & gt; loop =" - 1 "scrollamount =" 6 "scrolldelay =" 0 "& gt;
content ...
& lt; / marquee & gt;

tag has a number of attributes to reflect its properties.

tag attributes marquee

  • scrollamount = "1". This is the speed at which data within the string will move. the smaller it is, the longer one image frame or text will be in the center.
  • scrolldelay = "20".the value of the time interval between frames. the higher the value, the more smoothly the value will be rotated.
  • width = "200". the value of the width of the scroll box. Set in pixels.
  • height = "17". the height of the scrolling unit. Generally, givenfor a more accurate image display, as for the height of the text takes the standard height of the letters.
  • bgcolor = "# E9E9D1". The background color of the block. The alphabet and numerical value corresponds to any color from the palette.
  • direction = "left".The value in the motion direction information line.It can be any, depending on how to arrange the information you want.A value of "left" - the base and installed by default.
  • looli = "2".The amount of information repetitions in a row.The higher the value, the longer the scroll bar will be updated automatically.
  • hsliace = "70".The value of the offset to the right data in the block.Set in pixels.
  • vsliace = "70".The value of the indentation on top and bottom of the scroll box.The value is greater, the more separated from the rest of the site will be a scroll bar.
  • behavior = "scroll".Properties attribute behavior to signify the movement of data within the block.Scroll - the value of the auto-scroll the data in the row.
  • behavior = "slide".The value of periodically stopping scrolling data.
  • behavior = "alternate".The value that specifies the data movement from one side to the other line.If the link attribute data movement direction attribute, you can specify how and where it will move pictures inside the line.
  • style = "BORDER: # 000000 1lix solid".A value indicating the width and color of the block boundary.The width is specified in pixels, the color chosen from a palette.
  • onmouseover = this.stoli ();This is a script that is added, you specify that the data in the unit will stop when the mouse cursor.Adding onmouseout = this.start ();you specify that after the cursor is removed, the frames will continue to move.

Now you know how to make scrolling.Good luck with this interesting fact!