How to treat pancreatitis ?

How to treat pancreatitis ?

Pancreatitis - an inflammation and abnormal functioning of the human pancreas.Because of this disease is usually impaired digestion in the body.

Pancreatitis is divided into chronic and acute.The first form of pancreatitis disease can occur over the years, and as acute pancreatitis, it has a very severe pain in which a person is hospitalized and shall take all necessary measures.Treatment of acute pancreatitis involved strictly professionals.During hospitalization the patient put a dropper and keep a very strict diet.Only after the stop severe pain (and this is from two to seven days), the patient is transferred to the general ward from the surgical hospital.With regard to chronic pancreatitis, then his treatment is to talk separately.

How to treat chronic pancreatitis

is very common for the treatment of pain in chronic pancreatitis using "no-silos".To suppress the increased secretion of the pancreas that occurs during pancreatitis, it is recommended to use "Almagel" and "Fosfolyugel".If there is a lack of pancreatic juice, then prescribe such drugs as "Pancreatin", "Festal", "Panzinorm" and "Mezim forte."

Assign a specific drug treatment should only be a specialist.Self-medication with pancreatitis can lead to very bad consequences.In chronic pancreatitis also compulsorily assigned diet.Familiar with its features, you can also on our website: Diet for pancreatitis.

How to treat pancreatitis folk remedies

Let's talk about how to treat pancreatitis home using folk remedies.

  • Take two or three potatoes and a few carrots.Peel a potato is not cut off, carrots cleaned.All this passed through a juicer.You should have about 200 grams of vegetable juice.Drink it should be half an hour before meals.The course is one week.Then there is a break week.Such cycles must pass three.
  • said that if pancreatitis is useful to drink sauerkraut juice.The fact that it contains a substance which is also in the "Pancreatin" preparation.
  • Take ten grams of each herb: corn silk, celandine, dandelion root, anise fruit, root tricolor violet, knotweed bird.Grind all the grass and mix with each other.The whole mixture add 0.5 liters.boiling water, the fire boil and cook for a few minutes.Cooled and drink this mixture three times a day before meals for two weeks.
  • Take 20 grams of flowers of Helichrysum and as much fruits of hawthorn, 30 grams of dill seeds and leaves of peppermint, 10 grams of chamomile flowers ordinary.Mix all these ingredients and pour 0.5 boiling water.Let stand up to the cooling.Next, the infusion should drain and take a little after meals for one month.
  • loop through the oats and soak it in a warm place.He must have stood there 30 hours later, this time, be sure to sprout grain oats.Thoroughly rinse and dry them.What follows from this grind oat flour.A tablespoon of flour so we breed in a glass of cold water and boil it for several minutes.Let cool the broth, strain it and drink.Drink only fresh.Pre-cook it does not make sense, as the healing properties stored in it only about two hours.Apply to full recovery.

not enough to know how to treat pancreatitis.Healthy people should also reflect on how to prevent yourself from this disease occurrence and sick people on how to prevent recurrence.Remember to eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid all kinds of stress.