How to index a site ?

How to index a site ?

The easiest way to make sure that search engines know about your site - put it on manually indexing.Otherwise you will have to buy links from external resources to the search robot find your site.Now, how this happens.

How to index a site in the search engine

If you are interested in the inflow of traffic to Yandex, the supply site for indexing, in other words, to tell about it here.Put the site for indexing in Google search engine, you can see the webmaster, but it needs to have an account in the system.

Now the search engines know about your site.But this was not the end.You should know that in the position in the SERP affect internal linking of pages and frequency of site updates.As an example: if you update the site about once a month, then the next time the search robot "go down" to you a little bit later than it was in the beginning.So the best way to search promotion - it is as often as possible to update the contents of the site.Links within the site to external sources should be exclusively thematic, otherwise it will reduce the result and place in the SERP system.For subsequent indexing of your site you need to create robots file.txt.About him further.

How to index your site - creating robots.txt

File robots.txt can be created in Word or in the "Notepad".If you want search engines to index all the content of your site, then the root directive site can add a recording robots.txt.This is especially true for new sites that need any traffic from the MS.

In Yandex have some crawlers-headings list, but the basic is Yandex.So, you have to register after the directive user-agent: yandex.If your portal news or contains a large number of photos, after recording user-agent need to put yandexImages or yandexnews.Second Directive should be the status of the opening / closing of the page to be indexed.Accordingly Dissalow for open and closed for Privat crawler information.Full example for the page with pictures for Yandex: User-agent: YandexImages / Dissalow / For more information about creating roots.txt for Yandex can be viewed here.