How to treat barley in a child?

How to treat barley in a child?

Most parents brought face such a disease as "barley", but not many people know how to treat a child's barley.We undertake to help in this problem.For starters learn, where does this unpleasant disease.The most common cause of barley are the failure to comply with basic hygiene (touching dirty hands or unclean handkerchief to her eyes).But there are cases where barley is the result of various chronic diseases, or when the body is simply not enough that any vitamins.

barley first symptoms can be seen from the characteristic redness and swelling around the eye, after that, three days later, there is an abscess.Barley can be accompanied by an increase in the lymph nodes as well as the temperature rises.With proper treatment of barley, the disease is rapid.But if you try to speed up the healing process, for example, to squeeze the abscess, the consequences can be quite sad (abscess or purulent meningitis century).Among other things, it is necessary to take into account the fact that such a disease as "barley" may be similar to other diseases, so a visit to the doctor is even recommended.

If you do decide to, but do not know how to treat barley at the child, then follow these steps:

  1. First, it is necessary to use special drops, and then attach to the site of disease dry heat, it can be boiled egg (wrapped cloth)or a small bottle filled with hot water.
  2. three times a day to lubricate the place of barley tetracycline ointment.
  3. Before snomzakapayte special drops in the diseased eye (chloramphenicol or tsipromedt).
  4. When barley will reveal, it is necessary to lay over the eyelid albutsidnuyu ointment.Also remember, when barley is not recommended to use wet compresses (chamomile tea) on the affected eye, as this will only aggravate the situation and will contribute to the further development of infection.

then to cure the child is successful, you can not let him scratch the eye, and give antibiotics alone, and should not be (only on doctor's prescription).

If a child appears barley rarely, it can be treated with ointments and drops, and another thing, if it is inherent in a certain constancy, in this case, it is necessary to address to the immunologist.