The barley treated ?

The barley treated ?

Barley - an acute purulent inflammation of the hair follicle or sebaceous gland, located around it.As already mentioned, barley develops acutely - on the first day of its formation edge of the eyelid is red, swells and becomes very painful.By the second or third day from the beginning of the disease appeared at the top of swelling formed a small pimple that after one or two days spontaneously opened, and the pus seeping out.We have previously talked in detail about the symptoms and causes of barley formation in the article What is barley.Next, let's talk about how to treat than the barley.

Traditional treatment

If you have an eye formed barley, you need to quickly turn to vrachu ophthalmologist.

doctor carefully examine your eyes and prescribe the necessary treatment.Standard treatment is dry barley warming eyes UHF therapy antibiotics in tablets or capsules, the patient century lubricating ointment or gel instillation in the eye and eye drops.

usually for the treatment of barley patient prescribed tetracycline or erythromycin ointment and eye drops "Ciprofloxacin", "Tsiprolet", "Tobrex", "Albucidum" or "Gentamicin".

doctor prescribes antibiotics and tablets, which selects for each patient individually, if necessary.

If you for some reason do not want to see a doctor and be treated with medicines barley, can use tools from the arsenal of traditional medicine.

Traditional medicine

you help teas, lotions and other means prepared on the basis of medicinal herbs.

recipe first

Break off a fleshy leaf from the bush grown aloe.In order for this tool was especially effective, you need to find the plant over three years.Well Wash and pat dry the leaves, wrap it in foil and on one or two days put in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf.

Then wring out through a gauze sheet of the juice and dilute it with warm boiled water in a ratio of 1 to 10. Then use the diluted juice for making widgets - plentifully moisten it a gauze or a cotton swab and apply it to the patient's eyes for 5-10minutes several times a day.

Recipe second

Boil one tablespoon of dried marigold flowers cup of boiling water.Wrap up a vessel with the infusion of a thick towel in half an hour infusion of strain and then use it for lotions in the same way as mentioned in the previous recipe.

Note: Instead of calendula flowers for cooking, you can use the infusion of chamomile flowers pharmacies, herb common toadflax or Hypericum perforatum (taken in the same amount).

Recipe third

Brew flax seeds a small amount of boiling water, wrap the jar with seeds for some time (about fifteen minutes).When the seeds are well swell and let slime, to shift them in gauze, tie the ends and attach a gauze knot with warm linseed to the patient eye.

Note: You can do a little differently - the seeds to brew, and dry heat them in a pan, then pour in a gauze bag and warm them sick eye.

Recipe fourth

few times a day to lubricate sore eyelid sliced ​​garlic clove.

Recipe fifth

Put in the mouth a few dried flowers of tansy (small yellow peas), slowly and very carefully they chew, swallow and wash down with a couple of sips of water.Eat five or six flowers of tansy five times a day, and barley will soon pass.

Home remedies for the treatment of barley

recipe first

applied to barley several times a day gauze soaked in curdled.

Recipe second

Boil hard-boiled egg, peel it from the shell and even hot attach to the closed eyes, which formed barley.Hold the egg over a sick eye until then, until it cools down.

Note: in order to save money an egg, you can not clean, then you will be able to use it repeatedly.To do this before each new procedure, the egg will only need to be heated in boiling water.

Recipe third

If you have previously ever been barleys, you should be familiar with the feeling of light and sverbezha burning that occurs in the eye before they appear.As soon as he felt once again, do not hesitate and apply a preventive strike against nascent barley.For this evening, take a wooden toothpick tip of her wrap a thin layer of cotton wool, dip it in the usual Zelenka and cautiously to the edge of the eyelid brush with green paint.This should be done as women draw arrows on the eyes of liquid eyeliner.If you're lucky, on the morning of the emerging barley will be over, but if he still formed, then lubricate sore eyelid overnight will need a few more days, and barley will take place soon.

Nontraditional methods

There are also unconventional and somewhat magical methods of treatment of barley.The principle of operation of these folk remedies and barley treatments can not be explained from a scientific point of view, but nevertheless, many healers and traditional healers have long used them in practice (according to them, they help very effectively).Like it or not, it is not known, but these funds is quite harmless and harm your health certainly will not do.

method first

Take a small piece of natural sulfur and tie it in a woolen cloth.Hang this impromptu amulet around his neck so that it touches the chest in the place normally occupied crucifix Orthodox people.The next day, barley held.

second method

If the barley was formed in the winter, at a time when the windows in the house mist, clean finger to remove the window glass droplet of moisture and anoint her sore eyelids.Do this several times, and barley are gone.

third method

Take an empty beer bottle dark glass, attach it to the neck of the patient eye and a few minutes carefully peered into it like a telescope.After two or three such procedures barley century will disappear and your eyes will look as if the barley it never happened.

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