What if festers eyes ?

eyes - is not only a mirror of the soul, but also a mirror of health.If the eyes are itchy, watery, or sore fester, you should think about it seriously, so as not to miss a serious inflammation and eye disease.Why fester eyes in children and adults, can be found here.Well, what if festers eyes, try to understand together.So, it is necessary in this case to consult a doctor or take medication at home?

Eye festers: what to do?

If festered eyes, you should immediately seek help from a specialist ophthalmologist.Only he will be able to prescribe the correct treatment based on diagnosis when needed medicines.The treatment can take place in several different ways - rinsing it, burying or compresses.By the way, all procedures must be carried out separately, the infection from one eye is not switched to the other eye.

Eye festers, it is necessary to consult a doctor

If grudnichka festers eyes, then there certainly engage in self strictly prohibited!Newborns often fester eyes, and due to the fact that the optic canal they are not sufficiently developed.In most cases, a pediatrician prescribe baby simple but rigorous treatment - rinsing solution furatsilina, tea brewing or infusion of chamomile.In the more severe forms of festering prescribed antimicrobial drops.In addition, the child is recommended to continuously massage the eye slit, in order to accumulate more pus flowed out.But such experiments are burying my mother's eyes babies milk possible.Treatment festered eyes at the kid goes, basically, quickly and without complications.The main thing to notice this unpleasant problem that festers in infants eye, and immediately start the surgery.

Protect your eyes from the youth

most frequent catarrhal eye disease that causes inflammation of the eye - conjunctivitis.It may appear as hypothermia and infection from entering the eye.So if fester eyes of a child, the treatment will require complex - soothing eye drops, eye wash potassium permanganate, and even laying of the eyelid swabs impregnated with antibacterial ointments.There is another very effective tool that helps in the treatment of festered eyes of the child.We need to take boric acid and clean water.The proportions of breeding eyewash such - half a tea spoon of acid on a glass of warm water.Water is first necessary to cool and then carefully wash both eyes individually different tampons.

purulent inflammation of the eyes of an adult

fester eyes of an adult, for many reasons - from not dolechennogo childhood conjunctivitis, allergies and elementary dirt in the eye.Treatment festered eyes runs along the same lines as that of the children.By the way, as therapeutic agents, can be used chloramphenicol, sulfacetamide sodium and sulfatsil.The child, unlike the adult, treatment is much faster and more efficiently, then in adults, it may be delayed due to a weakened immune system and a permanent location in the street and at work.Many wonder why treat a healthy eye, if Bole only one?This should be done necessarily, because the eye channels of both the human eye and connected to each other infection very quickly "get over" on a completely healthy eye, which will only aggravate and complicate treatment.

Personal hygiene - health pledge

eyes Very often common cold can lead to purulent inflammation of the eye.Here it is necessary to take into account the next time - a handkerchief in any case can not wipe watery and itchy eyes.Otherwise, the infection instantly "jump" in the eye.

If a child or adult festers eyes, you should not forget to observe basic measures of personal hygiene.And this is - wash hands frequently, wipe only his towel, sleeping only on his pillow, not to wear someone else's glasses and women to use only the cosmetics makeup.But, what if the eyes fester longer than two or three weeks?Urgently go to the hospital to see a doctor!Otherwise, running form eye diseases can threaten a person's vision and "reward" a host of other chronic eye diseases.