What if eye twitches ?

What if eye twitches ?

twitching of muscles around the eye - a frequent case.Such tics may occur in each under the influence of certain factors.What are the causes of this disease and what to do if the twitching eye?

Why twitches

eye Reasons lie in the nervous tic overstrain of the nervous system, they are associated with any left over feelings.It does not matter when the events took place, which caused so much nervous person, they are able to express themselves in a few years as a nervous tic.Here are some reasons that may start to twitch eye:

  • Mental fatigue
  • Insufficient nighttime sleep (sleep deprivation)
  • tense rhythm of
  • Tired of trips, tours, flights
  • spiritual experiences (after the divorce, bereavement, etc..)
  • weakness of the body after surgery or childbirth
  • Transferred head injury, concussion, meningitis, birth injuries

eye twitching: Remedy

Now directly about what to do when the eye twitches.

  1. At the moment, the most important thing to understand is that if you yourself will not try to calm down and relax, the nervous tic in his eye - this is only the first loosening of the screw in your body.Pull yourself together, although this is not easy.Think about yourself.
  2. Now take for proactive measures.Conduct yourself full course of sedative infusions or medications with herbs (valerian, chamomile, for example).
  3. How to relax, to not twitching eye: strong, close your eyes and do a deep breath, and then a deep breath.Open your eyes and repeat 5 times.Do not ignore this method, because it is based on the relaxation of the nervous system.
  4. is extremely important at this time to sleep!Go to bed early, at least 2 hours during the day several times make a break for 15 minutes.
  5. Some help "missed", blink frequently, often within minutes.
  6. work at a computer all day also causes stress.Try to reduce the time spent by him.
  7. thought maybe if you are deficient in magnesium.He is responsible for the good work of your nervous system, thus relieving excessive excitability of neurons.To get more magnesium, eat fish, watermelon, bananas, beans, peas, chocolate and rye bread.
  8. now try to avoid all conflict situations.Protect your health yourself.
  9. Often the reason that a person twitches eye becomes neurosis (acute or chronic).It is a psychological problem.That is, in neurosis a person has some kind of unauthorized experience that he could drive out of consciousness and does not remember him.On the visit of a psychologist you uncover hidden problems and spent stressful situation.It would be enough.
  10. If sedatives do not work, eye twitches for a week and after a good sleep, rest, you should seek medical advice.Innocuous at first glance, a nervous tic in his eye can turn into a chronic disease or be a symptom of a nervous breakdown and spoil you for life, if not at the time to go to a neurologist, and not to begin treatment.