How to wear lenses?

How to wear lenses?

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How to wear lenses?

Contact lenses for the modern man with poor eyesight - this is the most effective means of correcting vision.There are lenses and breeds, which in addition to compensation, adorn your eyes.Many people experience discomfort when wearing lenses.This is because they do not know how to wear lenses.

course, to speak properly, "how to put on the lens."After drawing an analogy with the clothes, you can remember the old phrase and instructive textbooks for second grade: "cap child puts on himself, and dress him in warm clothes is already mom to be."

should make preparations before using contact lenses.First of all, wash your hands with water, to remove eye make-up.If the cosmetic product gets into the eyes or on the lens, it will cause severe irritation.People who use the lenses, it is recommended to use antibacterial soap.If hands remain oil or perfume, this leads to contamination of the lenses.


  1. Using tweezers lenses need to be removed from the storage container.
  2. Removing the lens from the container nails can not be!
  3. Before putting on the lens, it is necessary to rinse them with a solution.
  4. then put lens on the index finger of the convex side down.
  5. If the lens is on the left eye, then it should be put on the left hand, and vice versa, if the lens is on the right eye, then on the index finger of his right hand.Perhaps in the future you change the method.But for beginners who do not know how to wear (not wear!) Lenses for the first time, the recommendation is to use.
  6. Most importantly, the lenses had no solution.

How to wear contact lenses?

Before you attach the lens to the pupil, it is necessary to make sure it is the right side, not curved inside.Do not ask someone to wear the lens for you.This is determined on the rim.The edges of the lenses should not be disclosed outside.It is also important to make sure that there are no violations of the integrity of the lens itself.If there were gaps, the lens will have to throw out.

  1. should be comfortable to stand before a mirror.
  2. Use a stand or shelf.If there will be a table or shelf, in the case of loss of the lens, it will be convenient to find.
  3. right index finger is presented to the right eye lens.
  4. be preferred if the lower eyelid to pull the middle finger and simultaneously pull the left hand upper eyelid.
  5. can not take away from the mirror look!
  6. Zoom the lens to the cornea and gently place it on the eye.Once it becomes clear that the lens is stuck, the finger can be removed.Then you missed a few times and always rotating the pupil.

Remember that you can not wear the same lenses for too long.Follow the manufacturer's recommendations.Even if you feel comfortable lenses used - change them, do not neglect health.

We encourage you to read our article How to wear lenses, which will give you more detailed advice on how to put on and wear them.