What if watery eyes ?

What if watery eyes ?

Reasons for watery eyes, can be different - from ordinary conjunctivitis or draft until a serious inflammation of the lacrimal glands, or narrowing.Eye treatment has been ophthalmologist, or - optometrist.Refer to it, if not stop tearing for a few days.

First Aid and Gymnastics for the eyes

Few people know what to do if watery eyes, for example, after visiting the public beach or the pool.The cause lacrimation, as a rule, are the pathogens.However, there are a number of measures aimed at providing first aid to the victim.For example, sodium sulfatsil well to a concentration of about 20 or 30 percent, and the solution bad a zinc concentration drops of 25 percent.If possible, soak cotton in strong tea and wash her eyes.Also for this procedure, you can use a special eye bath or two tea bags - one for each eye: pour over boiling water over tea bags, cool and place on eyelids for ten minutes.

Sometimes eyes may tear due to normal fatigue, not due to infection.Current tears, by the way, do not rub across the face, and gently wipe them in the direction of the inner corner of the eye with sterile soft cloth.The eyes get tired because of the abundance of external stimuli - emission cars and businesses, a long stay in front of the computer or TV screen, air-conditioning facilities, cosmetics.If tearfulness observed when working on the computer, simply take a short break.Try to make sure that the eye did not hit a bright light, and the monitor does not fall glare.Adjust the resolution and refresh rate of the display in such a way that they do not interfere with the normal functioning of the eye - this is what to do if watery eyes and sore.

During a working break, close your eyes, tap your fingers on the eyelids and gently massage them - first a few times in a clockwise direction, and then - against.Can quickly blink for one and a half minutes, zazhmurivat and quickly open your eyes and pupils, etc. Move: up - down, right - left, look at the tip of the nose, and then - go ahead..Another exercise that strengthens the eyeball and the different groups of muscles century - alternate Diverting eyes from a distant object on the near.For example, sitting in front of the window, look at the distant house or a tree, and then, without changing the position of the head - on any object in the room or on the table.Repeat this several times, and fatigue will pass by itself.

How to eliminate the cause of tearing

Sometimes eyes are dried up, and tears appear only to moisten them.Take advantage of special moisturizing eye drops.Note that all of them have a number of limitations.For example, a vasoconstrictor drugs are not suitable for people who are driving a car, because they obscure vision.Also, doctors are advised not to combine them with taking medications for high blood pressure.It is impossible after instillation of the eye wear contact lenses made of soft materials so they can be very clouded.Also drops are contraindicated for pregnant women and patients with cardiovascular disease.

In addition, the feeling of dryness of the eyes, followed by a tear - a sign of deeper disorders.For example, it may be caused by lack of vitamin A in the body, metabolic disorders, skin diseases, weakening of glands with the onset of old age, and others. It is clear that in similar situations have to eliminate not only the symptom, as its root cause.

So, people in old age often occurs weakening of the overall tone of the muscles and the lacrimal sac century.Strengthen muscles help a simple gymnastics, which consists in the fact that need to tightly squeeze the eyelids, and then relax them.In one approach recommended to repeat this action five or six times in total, twice or thrice a day.Another reason for tearing - draft, searing eyes.It is enough to get rid of dry cold air flow by closing the gap or stepping into a warm place to tearing stopped.The same is true of dried air conditioned: simply switch the machine mode, or turn it off completely, and do not forget to ventilate the room in which you are.Here's what to do if watery eyes you or your friend.

Prevention tearing

sometimes cause tearing acts cosmetics, deposited directly on the edge of the century.Generally, thoroughly wash off makeup before going to bed, and I was cosmetics for the eyes at least once in three months.Do not use other people's money eye care, and do not borrow their other, because all kinds of brushes and brushes are often fixed bacteria.

As is known, water - a good place to dwell in it various microorganisms.Swimming in the sea and the pool, always use special glasses, is sealed to the body and closes her eyes.The most common disease transmitted by water - conjunctivitis.You just need to immerse yourself in the same body of water as infected with the disease, the infection got to the mucous membrane of your eyes.

Generally, if none of these methods do not help, or if you have already caught any disease, consult a physician, optometrist.He will issue all the required medicines and will determine in what dosage to take them to a few days tearing stopped.