What is glaucoma ?

What is glaucoma ?

today, in search of a precise definition of what is glaucoma, you can find information about the serious illness of the body.This chronic eye disease characterized by symptoms such as constant or periodic increase of intraocular pressure, accompanied by the development of trophic disorders, zadevshih retina and optic nerve.Against this background, in the field of vision defects appear, and develops edge excavation disk of nerve.

The term "glaucoma" brings together a large group of eye diseases associated with a number of common features, as the intraocular pressure, the development of the characteristic lesions of nerve fibers and the emergence of disturbances of visual functions.Today, on the causes and mechanism of development of glaucoma do not have a single view.This disease can develop at any age, it most often occurs in older people it is.Glaucoma at untimely treatment causes irreversible blindness.The World Health Organization says glaucoma is the main disease that leads to vision loss.This disease is probably the sudden onset of blindness at an acute attack of glaucoma.

Symptoms of glaucoma

But in order to timely diagnose the disease so terrible, you must know exactly how to manifest glaucoma.The symptoms may arise as a sensation blurred vision, and severity of pain in the eyes.Also among the symptoms observed rez and narrowing of the field of sight.As a result, there is a significant deterioration of vision in bright light and are seen "iridescent circles."

Glaucoma occurs in one of two forms - acute, which is the most common, or closure.In acute glaucoma virtually no symptoms, making it difficult to timely detection of the disease.Due to the gradual (often for several years), narrowing of the field of view, detect invisibility one eye can be accidental.Sometimes, in this form of glaucoma, periodically appear iridescent circles under eyes to bright light and complaints associated with the misting.

Closure form of glaucoma is characterized by accumulation of intraocular fluid, which leads to overlapping of the iris anterior chamber angle.The result of these processes becomes a pressure increase, which can cause the onset of acute glaucoma attack, accompanied by a number of symptoms, including eye pain sharp, clear visual disturbances, eye redness, and so on.