How to take a laxative ?

How to take a laxative ?

Laxatives - a medication that causes acceleration promote intestinal contents and promote defecation.

All laxatives are divided into four types:

  • irritating laxative nature,
  • osmotic laxative action,
  • laxative - filler,
  • laxative - prebiotic.

Today any pharmacy contains a huge selection of laxatives, but not all of them treat the root cause of constipation.In order to make the right choice, you need to have at least a general knowledge of how to act or that a laxative that effectively, and that - no, whether the drug will provide faster results and might cause habituation.Therefore, before you go to the pharmacy, consult with a specialist, because the uncontrolled taking a particular drug, you harm your body.

For each disease - a particular type of laxative

If you occasionally plagued by constipation, it is possible to use a laxative of plant origin.This laxative contains cellulose, due to which the increase in the volume of stool and softening.These laxatives act from 8 hours to 3 days.

With a weak cross-bowel irritant laxatives prescribed.They operate within 8-10 hours after ingestion.The disadvantages of these drugs include pain in the intestines and addictive, and further inefficiencies of these drugs.

If poisoning, as well as a long delay stool osmotic salt used drugs.They are not addictive, but frequent use violate water-salt balance of the body.

Prebiotics are slow-acting drugs, but also the safest tool in the fight with your problem.These drugs work in the large intestine, degraded by microflora and produce organic acids which soften stool and increase their volume.They operate for 24 hours.

And yet, before you buy one or another drug at the pharmacy, consult a specialist.

laxative is selected depending on the cause of your disease.Regardless of which treatment you choose, read the instructions carefully.


Many drugs drunk on an empty stomach, and each type of laxative duration individually.Here's how to take a laxative every type.

Herbal laxatives usually taken in the evening, starting with low doses (if written instructions 10-15 drops, you need to take 8-10, 1-2 tablets if recommended, you should start with one), gradually increasing the dosage to achieve the desired effect.Mandatory requirement: with laxatives you should drink at least 1 cup of water.

Irritating laxatives operate more efficiently.After evening dosing in the morning you can already feel the results.Disadvantage: abdominal pain, addiction.

faster action osmotic saline laxatives.Taking a laxative, can be expected to result in 1-3 hours.Therefore, before you buy one or another drug at the pharmacy, consult a specialist.

prebiotic - a laxative in slow motion.Basically prebiotics take 1 time per day during the meal.Validity may occur in 1-2 days.One of the advantages of these laxatives is their long-term use without any harm to the body.