How to take Flucostat ?

How to take Flucostat ?

What is "Flucostat"?This current antifungal agent which, unlike the local resources most effectively inhibits the growth of fungi of the genus Candida, by acting on them from inside the body.

Today it is the only drug taken orally.There he had an alternative foreign analogues.Many, without knowing it, ask the question - What is better: "Diflucan" or "Flucostat".It is difficult to give preference to one thing.In composition, the two are almost identical.The difference is only one thing: "Diflucan" appeared a little earlier "fljukostat", a product of American and French production."Flucostat" is available in Russian, so it is much cheaper medication foreign analogue.

he actively applied for the treatment of thrush.To remove pronounced painful symptoms, only a single dose is sufficient to take.A few hours later the drug almost completely concentrated in the urogenital region, providing a therapeutic effect over the next few days.But in order to avoid potential relapse, you must strictly adhere to the proposed scheme of treatment manufacturers.It's simple, but it is necessary to take note of all those who are faced with the problem of intensive breeding of Candida.Since taking "Flucostat" thrush?

Application and dose

  1. If the symptoms of the disease is only beginning to emerge and the disease has not yet entered into its active phase, needed single dose dose of 150 mg.
  2. When pronounced in the absence of symptoms and relapse treatment consists of two methods indicated dose.The first tablet is taken immediately and drink plenty of water to drink the second to the fourth day after the first.
  3. If during the year the disease makes itself felt more than 4 times, the treatment is carried out as follows: in the first, fourth and seventh day of treatment, the dose is taken with 150 mg.Then, a maintenance treatment (once a week in the drunk one tablet of 150 mg over 6 months).

Note!To take part in the treatment of sexual partners should both.If a woman is suffering from thrush, hence her partner should drink single dose "fljukostat" (150 mg).Only then can we talk about full recovery.