How useful semolina ?

How useful semolina ?

Semolina is a very popular and useful product.Unfortunately, many children do not like it.Since the nutritional value of semolina is not the highest, to introduce her to a steady diet is not necessary if there is no reason to do so.Only semolina digested in the lower intestine.Because of this, it effectively cleans the intestines from the mucus and excess fat.That is why it is particularly useful for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Nutritional properties of semolina

Semolina has some good nutritional properties.It contains protein for building tissues, B vitamins (B1 and B2, which improve the condition, such as hair), nicotinic acid - vitamin PP, as well as many minerals.Since semolina is prepared with milk, it contains calcium, and other vitamins, which makes the dish even more useful.Besides, it is always possible to add fruit, nuts or jam.

As beneficial properties, as described above, semolina does not occupy leading positions, since virtually does not contain such a useful fiber.However, since two-thirds of it consists of starch, it is hearty.This porridge is suitable for people with a weakened organism, for example, after diseases or medical treatment.In addition, the semolina is good for people who are in the postoperative period.In this article we look at how useful semolina and whether it is useful at all.

harm and contraindications

gluten in the composition can cause allergies and cause the appearance of celiac disease.For children, this feature is not useful, since it makes regular use of the intestinal mucosa is thinner, which violates the absorption of nutrients.For an adult, this problem is not necessary, because the body has already been formed.

also composed there phytin, which reacts with calcium impairs its uptake, which may subsequently affect the nervous and skeletal systems.Again, this issue is relevant only for children.

In addition, regular consumption of semolina contributes to weight gain.As you can see, semolina can be both useful and harmful, so include it in the diet must be carefully.


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