How to breed " Smecta " ?

Как разводить "Смекту"?

Smecta - effective therapeutic drug that can rid the body of toxins, bacteria and other harmful substances through absorbent and protective action.

Appointed diarrhea (diarrhea) of various origins (the drug, allergic, infectious), food poisoning, heartburn, and abdominal discomfort.

Smecta available in powder form, and to achieve maximum impact and benefit, it is necessary to know how to breed smektu.Especially it concerns mothers, for baby body will not tolerate negligence.

How to breed smektu: User

First it should be said about the dosage:

  • children under 1 year - 1 bag of powder per day;
  • children 1-2 years - 1 sachet 2 times per day;
  • children over 2 years old - bag smekty 2-3 a day;
  • adult breeding sachet smekty 3 times a day.

both adults and children, in half a glass of warm water dissolve 1 package smekty.The powder should fall asleep gradually, stirring constantly.

Take between meals.Drinking entire solution together with the precipitate.

course of treatment is 3 - 7 days.If the patient does not become easier, be sure to consult a doctor.

As dissolve smektu child

  • children first year of life dissolve sachet powder in 50 ml of warm some water (preferably a special, baby food), shake well.

Giving between meals, but if necessary, we can provide a solution, and during the meal.

whole dose (1 packet), it is desirable to divide into 3 doses, each time carefully stir the sediment.

  • Kids from 1 to 2 years, as already indicated, given smekty 2 bags per day.It can also be divided into three stages.That is possible to dissolve two sachets of powder in a glass of warm water or other beverage of children (food).Thoroughly stirring while gradually adding the powder to the liquid in order to avoid formation of lumps.Divide into 3 parts.Giving between meals.
  • Children older than two years may be given three sachets a day, but do not get carried away.If diarrhea is not severe, it is possible to manage two packets of powder.Those.smektu dissolved as described above.If you give your child 3 sachets per day, can be dissolved each time a fresh solution (half a glass of water one bag of powder).If you make a solution in advance, 3 bags smekty dissolved in 1.5 cups of liquid, and divide into 3 parts.In the case of very severe diarrhea should see a doctor.

So smektu for children can be diluted in baby food or beverages, as breeding one sachet in half a glass of liquid.Continuously stir when diluted.

Remember that the entire solution together with a deposit must be drunk kid.That's why you need a good shake up the solution, if you divide it into several stages.

Diarrhea (diarrhea) is not a simple disease.It may be a consequence of serious infringements, as dehydration occurs;It washed out from the body not only harmful bacteria, but also useful;disturbed intestinal microflora.