How to breed " Cefazolin " ?

Как разводить "Цефазолин"?

All antibiotics should only be prescribed by a doctor.Assigning cefazolin physician specifies a dosage to which and through which slots should be made the injection.By making the appointment, the doctor believes that the nurse will perform the injection, and therefore typically does not explain how to plant cefazolin.But in practice, in many cases, we perform injection of our relatives or neighbors who may not possess this information.

cefazolin used for dilution of 0.5% or 1% novocaine solution, 1% lidocaine solution or water for injection.For intramuscular administration of cefazolin is diluted with water only in case of individual intolerance of patients lidocaine and novocaine.

For intravenous cefazolin diluted isotonic solutions, such as 5% glucose solution or 0.9% sodium chloride solution.

divorce cefazolin novocaine

Adults per injection is usually given 1.0 g of the drug.In this case, the dialed in 5.0 mL syringe.0.5% - 1% solution of novocaine.On the bottle is removed the protective foil.The rubber cap is carefully processed with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.Novocain is injected into the vial with cefazolin.Thereafter the vial is shaken several times until complete dissolution of the drug and the obtained solution in a syringe.

Cefazolin children how to plant

Kids cefazolin is usually given at the rate of 25 - 50 mg.per kilogram body weight.In severe infections, your doctor may increase the dose to 100 mg.per kg body weight of the child.For example, your child has a weight of 8 kg., And the doctor appointed by him cefazolin 400.0 mg.How to breed cefazolin in this case?Best Buy vials containing 0.5 g of the drug.In the bottle is added 5.0 ml.novocaine.As a result, we have obtained an antibiotic solution containing 1.0 ml.100.0 mg.medicament.Becausewe need to perform the injection 400.0 mg.cefazolin, it is necessary to collect 4.0 ml syringe.the resulting solution.Similarly drug dilution is made in another package, for example, the 1.0 ml 5.0 Not to be used for dilution for its children. And 10.0 ml.novocaine.