How useful salt?

How useful salt?

Mankind uses salt from time immemorial, but the method of production has changed little.Salt - a naturally occurring substance - produced by evaporation of sea water or mined in mines and quarries of the rock salt deposits (halite).Galit was formed many years ago on the site of the dried sea.From this table salt is produced by purification.

value of salt to the human body

Disputes about harmful or useful salt being a long time.To understand how useful salt, it is worth remembering that the salt - it is sodium chloride.Without sodium it would not be possible transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contraction.When the lack of this trace element is observed in the body, a person may feel drowsiness and muscle weakness, and in more severe cases - the coordination of movements.Chlorine is needed to produce the gastric juice since hydrochloric acid is formed by chlorine ions.And salt - almost the only source of chlorine to humans.Lack

salts body begins to fill out inventory in muscle and bone tissues, which can lead to their destruction (osteoporosis).Lack of salt leads to nervous disorders, digestive disorders, problems with the cardiovascular system.It is believed that the salt completely without human organism can not survive longer than 10 days.

How much salt

What is the amount of salt needed for normal life?The average is 4.6 grams per day.However, we have salt and vegetables, various products (bread, cheese, etc.).Especially a lot of salt is contained in fast food.So often it is the consumption of a lot more daily norm that is not harmless.Sol ingested in large quantities, leading to fluid retention.It affects the kidneys and the cardiovascular system, increases blood pressure.The least useful salt "Extra" type, in which virtually no nutrients.

Sea salt

In recent years increasingly used to make sea salt food.However, if its application is justified than useful sea salt? Unlike refined salt, marine (like a stone and untreated) contains more than 80 mineral micronutrients.Therefore, in those countries where the vaporized water from sea salt (Japan, Spain et al.), Much less cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the nervous system.But the content of iodine in sea salt, despite popular belief, are not very high.So you should use iodized salt if necessary.Incidentally, such a salt as a sea, can not be subjected to heat treatment, otherwise they lose their useful properties.

salt in everyday life

salt is used not only in food.At a cold, doctors are advised to wash nasal passages with saline (0.5 ch. L. On the 1st. Of water).When bruises and insect bites applied acetic saline compresses.When coughing heated chest heated salt.

Sol - and even cosmetic.To strengthen nails recommended salt bath.A mixture of honey and salt - a wonderful body scrub, and has tonic properties.

Now you know what salt is useful, and how to use it.