The flaxseed oil helpful ?

The flaxseed oil helpful ?

The benefits of flaxseed oil has been known since ancient times.Its biochemical composition is truly unique that beneficial effect on human health.Let's talk more about what is useful to the linseed oil.

huge amount of vitamin F (45%) found in linseed oil.He, as you know, is not synthesized by the body alone, but is imported from outside.In addition, it contains vitamins A and E, the active compounds, unsaturated acids, and the following fatty acids:

  • omega-3 (linolenic acid) - 60%;
  • omega-6 (linoleic acid) - 20%;
  • omega-9 (oleic acid) - 10%;
  • other saturated acid - 10%.

beneficial properties of flaxseed oil

believed that flaxseed oil is much better than the olive and sunflower.Its use contributes to:

  • cancer prevention;
  • improve eye health;
  • reduce pressure;
  • prevention of various heart diseases;
  • weakening of asthma;
  • improve liver function;
  • normalize the digestive process;
  • prevention of heart disease.

In addition, linseed oil is suitable for the treatment of gastritis.It should be consumed on an empty stomach for 1-2 items.spoon.With this oil will also get rid of constipation and heartburn.Effectively linseed oil as an antibacterial agent.It is often used to get rid of worms.In addition, it has beneficial effects on kidney function and strengthens the nervous system.

pregnant it is shown for the proper development of the fetus.Babies linseed oil should be administered in the diet to improve brain power.

Eating flaxseed oil also has a positive effect on the skin and nails.Additionally, it is recommended to use as masks and baths.You can also apply it to the hair supply - linseed oil will help them grow faster.

It should be remembered, that are useful for human and other products.For example, cheese, bread, fish, cereals, milk and vinegar.Their composition and unique properties you can find out more in our section Benefits products