What does " Paracetamol " ?

От чего "Парацетамол"?

Paracetamol appeared on the Russian market in the 80's of last century, taking the place of the banned while in the production and sale of aspirin.Many people have noted that the new drug was more effective.Various forms of it appeared in pharmacies with the growth of its popularity.It is a powder for solution and syrup for children, capsules and tablets (soluble, for sucking-coated tablets), a suspension for oral, rectal suppositories.Names of medicines advertising were communicated to the consumers mind is very active: Panadol, Efferalgan, Tsefekon D Atsetofen, Panadol and others.

Symptoms that takes paracetamol

Each kit now contains paracetamol tablets.What diseases are treated with this drug?Many believe that paracetamol is cold, and not unreasonably.Its main symptoms - fever, headache, sore.Paracetamol is an analgesic and antipyretic.It removes them.Only treats the inflammation in the least as he can only temporarily relieves the symptoms of colds.Therefore, take paracetamol for a headache from the heat and before the arrival of the doctor, to the main purpose of treatment.

ability of the drug to anesthetize allows you to take paracetamol for the pain.This muscle pain, pain in trauma, pain in women with painful symptoms of various internal organs.Also it is used in feverish conditions in infectious diseases.Treatable paracetamol and toothache.

How does paracetamol

understand, from what helps paracetamol will help the study of the process of the impact of this drug on humans.Paracetamol acts mainly in the central nervous system, so there is a major influence on the thermoregulatory centers, making paracetamol effective temperature and pain centers.Due to its characteristics, acetaminophen has no effect on the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract does not affect the water-salt exchange, therefore remains secure tablet form, and is the most popular.

People's use of paracetamol

drug is popular not only with the disease, about which we have already been told.It is able to remove intoxication during cold and reduce muscle, joint pain.He has a binding effect on the toxins, expels them from the cells so removed aches.This is one of the most unpleasant action of cold on the body.And in this case, not paracetamol relieves symptoms, but actually removes the cause.There is also a popular opinion that paracetamol relieves hangover.This is a very real fact, because the drug removes the headache, expels toxins.And only one or two tablets in the morning after a fun night will help to quickly restore the appearance.But we must remember that paracetamol is very heavy in the liver by the process that it is intended to accomplish.And with a hangover because of the liver and is not sweet.Therefore, take the medicine very carefully, in case of problems with the liver is best to use another drug.

But it is very important to understand, from what paracetamol pills help, but from what is not.They cropped symptoms allow you to wait for the doctor, but nothing more!In general, the regular intake of the drug is allowed only 5 days.Next - only doctor's consultation.

When you can not take paracetamol

Paracetamol will never be your medicine, if you have an ulcer in the stomach or intestines if you have asthma, chronic sinusitis, aspirin intolerance, renal or hepatic insufficiency.If you have a cold at the time to identify and acute renal disease, paracetamol you better not take.Inflammation in the gut, too, is not treated with this drug.As paracetamol is contraindicated after coronary artery bypass grafting, as well as to pregnant women in the third trimester and babies younger than 1 month.Just obey the dosage indicated on the packaging.If the organism enters a large amount of the drug, it can cause kidney and liver necrosis.