What to feed a Yorkshire terrier ?

What to feed a Yorkshire terrier ?

caring owner Yorkshire terrier should know that the digestive system of a small dog is very different from a large animal digestive systems.Big dog does not immediately react to the stale products, while Yorkshire terrier there are serious disturbances in digestion after an unbalanced diet.And today we'll show you how and what should eat Yorkshire terrier.

What to feed adult Yorkshire terrier

So, you have already realized that to start to think about a balanced vitamins and minerals nutrition for York.Various disturbances in the body will be a pet, if you make a nutrient deficiency.

Many experts believe that in the home is extremely difficult using natural power provide a balanced diet dog, therefore recommend the use of high-quality dry food ready.Food should be selected properly, make sure that your Yorkshire terrier did not appear allergic to it or intestinal disorders.The main thing is to remember that the transfer from one animal to another feed or otherwise change the diet should be gradually and gently.After sharp change of power may cause allergies or dyspepsia.That was not empty words, it is recommended when transferring to another feed to pour a little of the new food to the one to which York had become accustomed.And then just increase the dose of the new feed and reduce the amount of old.If you prefer to feed Yorkshire terrier natural products, it will need additional vitamin and mineral supplements.

Now specifically about the products.Remember, Yorkshire terriers, tend to abandon of dairy products, they do not like yogurt, cottage cheese or fermented baked milk, for example.But many members of this breed love fruits and vegetables.When feeding York meat give preference to chicken meat or beef.The fish is better to give the drinker.It is possible to navigate around in such proportions that the diet of the dog breeds: 50% protein, 25% of grains, 25% of fruits and vegetables.Please note that the meal should be served in the form of heat.

Do not forget about fresh water, a bowl of water should always be filled.I would also like to warn you that some Yorkshire terriers since childhood do not understand the steps in the food, and it can lead to obesity.The dog should be from time to time to weigh.Depending on this, reduce or increase the portions.

No matter what kind of food do you prefer for your pet, remember a few basic rules of feeding dogs:

  1. not accustom to York is very cheap feed, since they increase the appetite, and almost half consist of artificial additives.
  2. Do not put the dog food in very cold or hot food.
  3. Do not teach a dog to feed from her chair.
  4. In no case do not let food seasoning, spicy or salty.
  5. intestinal worms can be contracted from freshwater fish, raw offal.Also, do not feed the Yorkshire terrier fatty meat (pork, lamb), sausages, smoked meats, potatoes, beans, wheat bread and sweets.

What to feed a puppy Yorkshire Terrier puppy

to grow up healthy, it should eat for hours, and in small portions.Overfeed it can not indulge too.Define the age of your pet, because it depends on this diet.If the puppy of Yorkshire terrier is not yet 2 months old, feed him 6 times a day.From 2 to 4 months of life, it needs five meals;from 4 to 6 months - chetyrehrazovoe;and from six months to 10 months - three times a day.And after 10 months, your pet will eat as an adult - 2 times a day.

What to choose: ready food or natural food for Yorkshire terrier?This option makes only the owner, the opinions of experts differ.But we will give you valuable advice on feeding this dog breed ... So, if you prefer to feed your puppy Yorkshire terrier natural food, it must be different during the day.