What to Feed Labrador ?

That includes proteins, fats and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins
What to Feed Labrador ?

Labrador needs regular and balanced diet.If you wish to have a favorite pet has always been healthy and active, carefully examine what to feed Labrador.Do not give him a sharp, salty, sweet or smoked foods.Do not feed his bones, pasta, potatoes, sausages and hot dogs.What is good for us, it is very bad for the dog's body.Do not indulge Labrador sweets and sugar.And do not feed pork and mutton fat.

What to feed a puppy Labrador

desirably puppy diet of only natural food.It needs protein and carbohydrates: milk, cheese, meat, cereals and vegetables.Kashi good cook the fish or meat broth, vegetable stew with vegetable or olive oil.Meat should be alternated with fish and poultry.

Approximate daily puppy diet may be as follows:

  • Breakfast: 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese with yogurt, 50 grams of cereals, vitamins and minerals.Well organized and lunch comprising 100 grams of cereal and 100 grams of vegetables.
  • Lunch: 120 grams of meat, fish or poultry, 100 grams of greens and vegetables.
  • At lunch offer puppy 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese and 100 ml of yogurt.
  • Dinner: 130 grams of meat and 100 grams of vegetables, 2 times a week can be given to 1 egg.

What to feed the adult Labrador

  • Adult Labrador, as a puppy, it is desirable to regularly feed the natural, wholesome food.
  • meat.Suitable beef, chicken, turkey and lamb.Most useful for dogs substances found in beef.You can give a dog a raw and cooked meat, it is best to alternate.The main thing is that the meat was not fat - it's bad for the liver Labrador.
  • Fish.Fish Let's lean and sea as raw and cooked.Pre-clean the bones.
  • Cereals.Meat and fish can be supplemented with carbohydrates - cereals.Porridge will make food more nutritious and satisfying.
  • Vegetables.For a healthy diet is well suited Labrador cabbage, pumpkin, zucchini, carrots and beets.Grind them to a grater or chop finely, add a little sour cream or butter.Fresh herbs and garlic can also chop and add to food.Pumpkin can be cooked and added to the porridge.
  • Dairy.Cottage cheese, milk, yogurt and low-fat shredded cheese will be for your pet's primary source of calcium and a tasty treat.
  • Eggs.Combine raw egg yolks with milk products or porridge.You can make omelets or eggs, cooked boiled.
  • water.Dog as a man, you need clean drinking water.It is desirable to change the water in the bowl of 2-3 times a day.It should be fresh and not too cold.You can give a raw water.

Besides nutrition, Labradors need additional vitamins and minerals.Go to a veterinary pharmacy and ask for food supplements for dogs that are fed natural food.Your pet will thank you!