What to feed a pug ?

What to feed a pug ?

If your house has lodged a puppy, it means that you have a desire to be master of a strong and healthy dog.An important component of care for pet vaccinations are timely and content it clean.But the decisive factor, perhaps, is the proper nutrition.

How to feed a puppy pug

If you're wondering what to feed a pug puppy in the first place, remember that properly organized nutrition can result in not the most pleasant consequences.

The first mistake that many owners, this puppy feeding waste from the table and dinner leftovers.Smoked products, fatty foods, cakes and other sweets are not suitable for dogs with food.

Teach your dog from an early age to eat at a specific place and at the same time.

Try putting a meal in a bowl only if the puppy gets used to pick up food from the floor, and then during the walk will take everything from the ground.Crockery dog ​​should always be clean.

If your pug 1-1.5 months, the day it takes about six feedings.For three months the number of feedings decreases to four times a day, and the volume portions are increased.Just six months the puppies go to two meals a day, as well as all adult dogs.

Around the age of three months begins a period of strong growth, the pups begin to spend less time sleeping, turn into restless and playful animals.Power consumption in this age group is very large, and experts recommend eating a variety of add vitamin feeding.

What to feed an adult pet

So what to feed pugs, when he became an adult pet?Very useful fermented milk and dairy products, they must necessarily be present in the diet on a daily basis.Especially welcome calcined cheese, at one time the puppy is sufficient to give 50-70 g, and an adult pug to 100 grams of cheese.

very good for food pugs rice and buckwheat porridge.It is recommended to prepare a powdered form and a mixture of water with milk, water or completely.Milk porridge is not very good effect on the digestion.

Remember that cooked food should not be hot, cool it to room temperature and only then let the dog.

also recommended progressively introduced into the diet of meat, the best beef in the form of minced meat.Make sure that the meat does not contain fat and veins.

Unlike many dogs like pugs fresh fruits and vegetables, can be cooked and original salad seasoning them with sunflower oil.

not hurt as rye bread with butter or margarine.

Suit and different wings, neck or legs from raw poultry.Remember that you can not give a dog cooked bones, it is dangerous to her health and life.