How to see the dog ?

How to see the dog ?

We all know that a dog - man's best friend.But at the same time, we ourselves know little about the structure of the body and the features of this species.For example, many believe that the dog sees bad, but is it really?In this article, we will present detailed information on the vision of dogs that help us to understand the behavior of some of these animals.

basic information about the vision of dogs

consider in detail all the factors that mankind knows about the vision, the most loyal animals.

  • most popular question today - how dogs see color?Previously only regular breeders, and scientists around the world believed that dogs see everything in black and white, but recent studies in the United States, argue that the dog still see everything in colors.Here only displays these colors, all as humans.For example, dogs can not distinguish between blue-green, orange-red or yellow-green shades, for them, they will appear more white flowers.But in this case, the dog much better distinguish shades of gray.The thing is that unlike humans, who in the retina are three types of cones are responsible for color discrimination, a dog cones sensitive to red, non-existent.Thus, one can imagine that the vision of dogs is very similar to the color-blind vision.
  • Just pressing question of whether dogs see in the dark?Proceeding from the above information presented, we can safely say that of course they see, and several times better than a human.All this is because the retina is like a dog eye is divided into two parts, i.e. top and bottom.The second half is responsible for the difference of objects on a dark background of the earth, the first - absorbs excess light rays, thereby, the dog sees the good in strong light.But while their visual acuity is much lower than in humans, since they do not "yellow spot".Because of this, the dog, objects at a distance of 35 cm see vague, but at a distance of 600 meters, it is the method to see the immovable object.And at a distance of 900 meters, it's great seeing a moving object.This explains why you can not run away from the dog, as she saw the moving object, it perceives it as prey.
  • And finally, how dogs see the world as a whole?It depends on the species, but it is known that the field of view of about 240 degrees, which is wider than a human.That is, so the field of view of human in the form of a circle, and stretched in the dog.In addition, if a person takes a large part of the information clearly, the thing for a dog that does not smell and does not move, only an abstraction, which is why dogs do not recognize themselves in the mirror.They create a whole image, come from the sight, smell and hearing.

Interesting Facts

  • Many are concerned with the question of why is it that dogs do not watch TV?The thing is that a person perceives the alternation of frames at a frequency of about 60 hertz, and the dog at a frequency of 80 hertz.Thus, it can not see the whole film, it sees only the flickering images.Although the new TVs can transfer the frequency to 100 Hz, so the dog could easily see the whole film, but rather merely an abstraction of it will be displayed for it.
  • The interesting question is whether dogs see ghosts?Actually, this question is not only dogs, but also other animals.It is clear that nobody in the world will be able to explore a similar theme, but based on the information presented above, we can assume that most likely does not see.But perhaps it feels a similar phenomenon, taking into account the changing temperature.Actually, many would argue that dogs see ghosts, but how to check this, and we all know about the possibilities of the animals?In any case, such subjects can only talk or more.

So now you know all about how dogs see the world around us and perhaps this information will help you in the most effective interaction with similar animal species.As such knowledge of them very well help them to train, achieving greater efficiency of this process.We wish you the best of luck!