What to feed a shepherd ?

What to feed a shepherd ?

your pet to be healthy and in good physical condition, you should observe proper nutrition.The diet depends on the dog's breed, age and physical activity.Let's look at how to feed the shepherd of all ages and breeds.

The feed German shepherd

It is said that a German shepherd - a dog is very large.Without adequate nutrition German Shepherd can not develop well.So, what to feed the shepherd that she was in good physical condition?There are two types of dog food - natural (meat, bones, etc.) and dry food.

Natural food Natural food

preferable - meals will be more balanced and beneficial for your pet.

The diet can include:

  • meat - the main source of protein for dogs.For feeding Shepherd fit almost all kinds of meat - beef, pork, horse meat, poultry.Sometimes you can replace meat offal.When feeding a German Shepherd it is important to remember that the dental unit is designed in such a way that it is able to have even a rough meat with bones.
  • fish can sometimes be used as a meat substitute.However, do not do it more than once a week.It is best to use marine fish, and remember that a portion should be 1.5 times more meat.
  • Dairy products are good for the health of bones and teeth.Ideal milk and curd.It is worth remembering that the milk should begin to feed more from an early age, otherwise the dog will not take milk.
  • Cereals and cereals are used as a supplement to the main power supply, because they eat carbohydrates and some useful vitamins.
  • important to include vegetables in the diet food, best for squash, cabbage and carrots.

Adult Shepherd should be administered in the diet and additional vitamin supplements.They need to strengthen the muscles and bones.In spring it is recommended to add the dry yeast in food.

Dry food Dry

same feed as the perfect natural food replacement.Their main advantage - a long shelf life and availability of all essential nutrients.Always feed dry food is not recommended.Furthermore, with this method the drink feed should be ample.

The feed caucasian shepherd dog

Caucasian Shepherd - a very massive animals.To feed a big dog is difficult, moreover, this breed can not use all of the products.

Diet Caucasian Shepherd is very similar to the menu of its German kinsman, but there are a few things:

  • poultry meat, as well as any grilled meat is generally excluded from the diet.In addition, this breed is large, so the meat should be given a lot.It is advisable to boiled beef or pork, and 600 g per day.
  • vegetables you can use any, can be given as raw and boiled.
  • Milk Caucasian Shepherd to give is not recommended, it is better to replace it with yogurt, fermented baked milk or yogurt.
  • Cereals can also be included in the daily menu, the best buckwheat or rice, rolled oats to give is not worth it.

important to understand that a lot of the vitamins required for the health of the dog.Therefore it is necessary to separately add in food supplements.

What to feed a puppy Shepherd

Feeding Shepherd puppies are not so different from the feeding of adult dogs.It is important to remember that the puppy is actively growing, so the food should be rich in protein and carbohydrates.In addition, the dental apparatus is not formed until the end, so the meat should be given in the form of a tender or minced.Offal should give your puppy not before he turns 5 months.

vegetables and cereals should also be in the diet.It is especially important at this age to give your puppy and cottage cheese.It is useful for the formation of bones and teeth.But before you feed your puppy Caucasian Shepherd cottage cheese, should carefully monitor the tolerance of milk protein.

The shepherd can not feed

The diet should be of the following products, as they are not only benefit, but also can harm the dog:

  • Potatoes;
  • Legumes;
  • Sausage;
  • Salty foods.

How often to feed the shepherd

Feed the dog regularly.Once a day, when heat is twice a day in the cold season.It is important that the dog ate in one and the same time.You also need to make sure that in addition to food and dog received fresh water.