What to feed a dog?

What to feed a dog?

experienced dog breeder, of course, knows how to feed the dog, so she does not hurt, and the wool was smooth and beautiful.But to find yourself a true friend in the form of a dog dreaming not only experts, but ordinary people.Therefore, today we look at how to properly feed the dog, choosing organic foods or buying specialty food.

What to feed a dog - a natural food

dog's diet should mainly consist of natural products that do not require heat treatment.It will include milk products.Also, raw meat or meat products, namely, kidney, heart, tripe, and others on the owner's discretion.Plant foods raw will also enter the correct natural dog food, that is, you can feed your dog with vegetables and savory fruit.And cereals should be given to the dog as a supplement to the basic diet.

dwell on the dog's feeding cereal.Can I feed the dog porridge?If you use cereal and other flour products as the main daily diet of the dog, the consequences could be far from positive.Carbohydrate in cereals can lead to disruption of microflora in the intestine of the dog, that is, there is a risk of dysbiosis.A violation of the intestine has a negative impact not only on the digestive system of the animal, but also on the health of the whole organism.

What if feed the dog meat?First, meat is known to be different for fat content should therefore not give the dog fat meat.Then the better to feed the dog?Second, the best suited beef is not necessarily the first grade.If the owner gives the dog the lamb, rabbit or horse meat, it should be recalled at this point that such meat has a high calorie content, so think about the amount of food.Pork pamper your dog is not worth it.But the chicken or meat products in the diet allowed.Here pet owner will help observant.Observing the individual dog's reaction to food (a condition of the digestive system, wool), it is possible to work out the ideal diet for your dog.To conduct the thermal treatment meat does not need to be all the raw produce.Drawing attention to the by-products, often to feed your dog raw liver can not, because the dog body can not tolerate it.And the bones are a necessary source of calcium and phosphorus.

From sour milk products to feed the dog can only cottage cheese, yogurt is not more than 9% fat.In addition, strictly forbidden to give a dog dairy products in a day with raw meat.

right vegetables to feed the dog or not?His pet can give almost all vegetables.Suit carrots, cucumbers, squash, beets, cabbage and sweet pepper.It is best not to combine them, that is, to give dogs vegetables separately from each other.Although cabbage with cucumbers are allowed.

How to feed the dog food?Of course, you need to choose quality and professional dog food.Trust recognized companies in the world that do not have branches in underdeveloped countries on the economy.

How to feed the dog

If the owner does not know how many times a day to feed the dog, that he should come to the age of the dog.Newborn puppies (up to 7 days) feed every 2 hours.Up to 3 weeks - it has every 3 hours.When puppy 1-2 months, it is possible to feed the pet 5-6 times a day, 3 months - 4 feeding, and 4 months - 3 feed.After five months of age need to translate a dog on two meals a day.The exceptions are very large breeds of dogs, which is necessary to continue to feed 3-4 times.Adult small dogs missing 1 meals a day.

And finally, when you are concerned about such an important issue and you have a dream, how do you feed your dog.Dream Interpretation - do not provoke other people, and it will be easy to avoid trouble.