As they say a dog ?

As they say a dog ?

In the world there are a lot of dogs.And for most people, they are among the best of friends.What a pity that they can not talk like people.Yes, then they all would have been best friends.Of course, dogs can not speak human language, but they also know how to communicate.Only in his own way.So as the dog say?Let's consider.

Basic dogs communication techniques

whole conversation is added to the set of sounds, gestures and smells.Since they do not know how to think like a man, and therefore closer to their conversation instincts than to deliberate speech.Most of your dog express emotions through sounds.Scientists divide them into nine groups.The main ones are barking, growling, howling, whining, squealing.


dogs barking dog expresses his desire to protect home or lure to get another dog or the owner.The barking can be heard, or impatience, joy or threat (barking angry).When the dog barks with a certain joy in this moment, it is also and wags its tail.Often with dog barking playing one on one.Instead, the barking of the threat alerts the other dogs, and people, that they are waiting for the danger.When a dog barks a threat, often she wants to scare someone.But when she growls, then it is really a threat.So they express their aggression.Often there is a growl when the dog eats, and she want to take the food.

howling and whining dogs

When the dog howls, it means that it contains unpleasant emotions, sensations.Most of all, it is a longing.So give the dog a sign that they want the company or if in nature, they want to join together in a flock.Regarding whine, it is present in most dogs when they are small.They want in this way to attract the attention of the mother or ask for more milk.When the dog is an adult, then whines between dogs manifested themselves very rarely.But before the host dog whine when he wants something.Yelp dog issue, when it is in the camp of emotional stress.In addition to these groups of sounds, there is still a lot of gestures, a lot of which explains how dogs talk.

What do dog gestures

few gestures for example.When the dog lowered its ears, it means that she feels fear and concern when raised ears, then it's all for attention.When the dog ears tilts forward, it means that it has an alarm.With a dog, you can explain how to communicate using many gestures ezhdu themselves.


There are interesting cases where the dog can pronounce human words.But this can not every dog.Why did she do it?The fact that the dogs can mimic some sounds and combine them into words.But they are often short words to say.In fact, the dog says them insensible and imitates sounds.It seems like some people can imitate different voices.