How to determine the age of the dog ?

How to determine the age of the dog ?

chetyrehlapy you got one, whose age you are, for whatever reason, do not know, but to know, of course, is necessary, at least approximately.Do not be discouraged - there are many ways that give a fairly accurate answer to the question how to determine the age of the dog?Let us discuss some.It resorted more often than others.

How do you know the age of the dog

Firstly, it will say the animal's muscle tone.Well-developed muscles can "boast" young active dog.Elderly dog ​​prefers mostly quiet life, that gives it a weight loss due to muscle atrophy or obesity due to body fat.Next, pay attention to wool: it is in young dogs are usually soft and silky, with age the hair coarsens, becomes more rigid, sometimes - oily.There is a bloom in the first place - around the muzzle."Outstanding" age of the dog and eyes.Deprived of secretions and tears, shining bright eyes clearly point to the young dog.In the eyes of an old dog, opaque, dull.


On examination of the teeth the first thing you notice is the change of milk teeth, and effacement of canines and incisors.

  • 18-25 days.- Milk incisors begin to erupt;month dog growls have all front baby teeth.
  • 4-5 months.- Both jaws milk incisors changed to permanent.
  • 5-6 months.- Teeth changing.
  • 7 months.- Over the growth of permanent teeth.
  • 1 year - the achievement of a normal level of teeth, the cutting face of the blade takes the form of a trefoil.
  • 2 years - mandibular hooks erased starts erasing medium.
  • 3 years - complete erasure central incisors of the lower jaw, the beginning of the erase hooks of the upper jaw.
  • 4 years - complete erasure hooks and start erasing the maxillary incisors.
  • 5 years - on the lower jaw cleared selvages, start erasing the canines.
  • 6 years - erased selvages, blunt teeth on the upper jaw.
  • 7 years - on the lower jaw hooks become oval-return form.
  • 8 years - the same form of gain medium cutters.
  • 9 years - the same form of hooks typical for the upper jaw.
  • 10-12 years - early tooth loss.The first to fall hooks of the lower jaw, then - the upper.


age threshold depends essentially on the breed pet.The basic rule: large dog grows old before, and the pace of its aging higher.For five years the Great Dane is considered to be an elderly, while some poodle keeps vigor and vitality, even at the age of 10 years.But do not respectable dog age is directly linked to the inevitable illnesses and imminent extinction.Quite often, older dog is full measured life, staying active and healthy.The best way to prolong the life of the little brother, as well as improving its quality - it is a manifestation of proper attention to the dog's diet.Dog aged (as a person) requires a special diet consisting of easily digestible and high quality products.

«human» dogs age

often try to determine the dog's age in human terms, but do not always do right.Following is the corresponding table.

ratio and age of the dog person:

Dog man years
2 months 14 months.
14 months 5
2 years 24
3 years 30
4 years 36
5 years 40
6years 42
7 years 49
8 years 56
9 years 63
10 years 65
11 years 71
12 years 75
13 years 80
14 years 84
15 years 87
16 89