What to feed a taxi?

What to feed a taxi?

We recommend feeding fee only natural and healthy food.Dachshunds are prone to obesity and overeating like, so they can not overfeed.It is necessary to properly prepare their diet.It is advisable to feed the fee only once a day.

cooking rules

Before you read, what to feed a taxi, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic rules of cooking meals for your pet.

  • All ingredients dishes should be prepared separately and mix them in the bowl before feeding.
  • Brees add at the end of cooking and do not make them separate dish.
  • Dish for fees should take the form of thick soup or liquid meals for better absorption.
  • Sometimes you can give meat and vegetables separate large pieces for training jaws.
  • Pamper your pet may be cheese, nuts and dried fruits, but not sweets.

What to feed the adult fee

basis of the diet fees should be meat, vegetables and cereals.

  • Let the dog lamb, turkey and lean beef.Meat should not be greasy, fried or pepper.Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to give a dog a bone.They have no specific nutritional value, but detrimental for teeth and intestines.
  • Do not forget to diversify food dachshund fish, preferably sea and boneless.She, as well as meat, dog saturates body with the necessary amount of protein.
  • Vegetables give dachshund vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber.It is better to give a raw and crushed, sometimes whole.If your pet does not like raw vegetables, opened it slightly and season with vegetable oil.Make vegetable puree, add to it a little meat.Fit almost any vegetables, except potatoes.
  • Cereals are a source of carbohydrates.To power the fees fit buckwheat, rice, oatmeal.Do not let the dog semolina and millet porridge.

What to feed a puppy dachshund puppy dachshund

better to feed several times a day in small portions.

Up to four months the puppies can eat fresh cow's milk, then the basis of their diet becomes porridge with meat and vegetables.Gently boil the fish, mix it with rice and egg yolk, add grated fresh carrot - a complete meal for a puppy dachshund ready.

Let puppy dachshund low-fat yogurt or unsweetened plain yogurt.As a delicacy fit cheese.

cooked meals should be warm, fresh, and in any case, not sharp and not fried.

Take care of your Taxi, feed her a healthy, natural food, and the dog will always be healthy and active.