How to determine the breed of dog ?

How to determine the breed of dog ?

when it is necessary to know how to determine the breed of dog, there may be several.

When you need to know the dog breed

Firstly often puppies are purchased not in special clubs and with friends, through advertisements in newspapers, the Internet, etc.Not the fact that you will sell it puppy purebred sheep-dog or dog, so before you buy, be sure to check the criteria that must comply with a dog of a particular breed.Pay attention to this fact as its size.

Secondly, quite often people with a good heart pick up the puppies on the street.While the dog is small, it seems to be and meets the criteria of a bulldog or a collie, but over time, the puppy, growing, changing its external data.And then the new owners do not know where to attach the dog, because they hoped that this puppy is a purebred, but in fact, it turns out that there is.

To avoid such problems and to relieve your child or other family members from possible stressful situations, when you decide to give your dog to a shelter or not, check out the special literature.

How to determine the breed of dog

If someone you know is involved in dog breeding, you can show him a stray dog.This will immediately get information about he belongs to a certain breed or not.You can consult a professional dog handlers who work in clubs.After consultation, you decide for yourself whether your particular pet in the house or not needed.

If you are wondering how to find a breed of dog that you have purchased from a seller on an ad in the newspaper, read the special literature.There is the "Atlas of dog breeds" - this book is well-known dog breeders since the days of the Soviet Union and is still in demand.Moreover, you do not need to go to a bookstore and buy the book, because it is on the Internet.Follow this link: Atlas of Dog Breeds.In this book, there are a lot of interesting facts that are required to know how the people who are just trying to make a dog and experienced breeders.

As in many areas, in the dog, with certain changes take place over time.They relate not only to care for the puppies, but the criteria to be met by a particular breed of dog.Therefore, it is recommended to see several sources of information to arrive at a correct uniform conclusion, which relates to the criteria specific to your dog.

On the Internet there are many sites that help determine the breed of dog.Moreover, some of them has pictures.Although, of course, know exactly breed of dog from the photo, it can only be a specialist, who has long been engaged in dogs.Beginners tend to overlook the small details in the appearance of the dog in the picture, which is very important to determine its species.Thus, it is better to focus on textual information and specific figures, such as a dog the size of the length, the height of the dog at the withers, etc. It is these resources you will find detailed information on each of the breeds of dogs:. Breed of dogs and dog breeds Handbook.All descriptions of the dogs on these resources are in alphabetical order, so to find the specific information you will be easier than ever.