What to feed a toy terrier ?

What to feed a toy terrier ?

pets make our lives better.They greeted us with work, encouraging their behavior and appearance.But we should not forget that the animal - not a toy, too, requires careful and proper care of him.This is especially true of purebred dogs of small size, such as toy terrier and chihuahua.How to look, what to feed of the terrier to which he is predisposed to disease?All it needs to know the owner is responsible.


puppies dogs Puppies, like human babies, require more food and care.Remember, how and what to feed the kids, and you will understand what to feed toy terrier puppy.

frequency of meals

feed a small terrier that need just as much, and all the kids - about 5-6 times a day in small portions.Do not forget that your stomach is still small and the fledgling, but because the products should be chosen very carefully.

gradually reduce the number of meals.First, up to 4 times a day (5-6 months), then 3 times per day (one year), and an adult dog should be fed 2 times a day (2 years).

Menu terrier puppies that

The best food for children - my mother.Therefore, until the age of 1.5-2 months puppy is best fed their mother's milk.If for some reason it was not possible, use baby food and a pipette.Gradually accustom your puppy to cow's milk, but first is better to use the goat.

Then gradually add in porridge diet: rice and semolina.Feed your puppy very often, just every two to three hours, but for one or two pipettes.

When baby is stronger, you will take an important decision.The feed of the terrier - a natural food or dog food?You can choose either one or the other option.Modern premium quality feed allows feeding of the terriers exclusively to them.

But you need to choose just one thing.When choosing a puppy food digestive system is configured for a certain type of digestion, and by its change can happen disorder.

Prepared feeds for dogs

If you decide to feed your pet food from a pet store, the menu is quite simple.Buy a pate for puppies of small breeds, here you better advise the seller in the store.

Gradually add in the diet of dry food, at first small and then larger.

Advantages of this feed is that the power supply is fully balanced.Modern technologies allow to create a balanced diet of all the vitamins and trace elements.

The downside is that you can not treat your pet.Neither give a bone on the table or to treat a tasty morsel of meat ... All of this is already too high and can lead to indigestion, and even obesity.

Homemade food

balanced diet on their own should consist of protein, carbohydrates and proteins.Despite its charm, too, that terriers predators.

Therefore, in order to feed than the Russian toy terrier, or any other, use the meat, eggs, dairy products and vegetables.

Here are some tips to help you in the preparation of the menu:

  • Puppies better feed scalded beef or liver, cut into small pieces.
  • Kashi (oats, buckwheat, barley) should be boiled in milk or meat broth.
  • Add the broth vegetables.
  • Toy Terriers also gladly devours all sorts of fruits and sweets from pet stores.
  • Add in meat or cheese yogurt.
  • If curd strongly dry, dilute it with yogurt or sour cream.

downside is the inability of domestic supply fully trace the usefulness of the diet.You can not be sure whether there is enough vegetables in the body of the Terrier, if he gets all the necessary trace elements, if there is enough calcium, vitamins.

In no case should not feed a dog that is left on the table.The body is not adapted to the pet human food.There is usually too much salt, sugar and spices that have a negative impact on nyuhe and general health of your pet.If you do not have time to prepare food for the dog, it is better to choose ready-made food.

Bon appetit your pet!