How to understand a dog?

How to understand a dog?

Not only take care of his dog and feed her.We need to try to understand it.Dogs can not speak our language, but they can express their thoughts and feelings in other ways, such as barking, posture or position of the tail.Users are able to understand each other without words - so it is easy to understand and a dog.One need only listen carefully to the signals that it delivers.

How to understand the language of dogs


Listen to the barking of your pet.Low barking means aggression, high - the joy and excitement.Barking dog can scare off intruders, to meet the host to communicate with other animals, trying to attract attention.


If the dog does not bark and howl, it means that she longs for his master.Sometimes a dog may howl from irritation, for example, too loud music or automotive siren.Still howling used when trying to find someone, the owner or another dog.


Terrible dog growl uniquely expresses aggression.It threatens you and inform about its superiority.Perhaps you do not like it, you come across its territory or the dog is afraid that you will be taken away from her food.Sometimes a dog growls when he feels the danger.


If the animal is silent, and you do not know how to understand the dog, look at her ears.If they are raised - the dog is quiet, listening to you attentively and ready for action.If omitted - the dog is afraid of something, or worried.When tilted forward - I was much alarmed and ready to run.

Tail Tail dog shows up.When she raised her tail wagging, and they - so glad.If the tail is raised, but not move - was alarmed and concentrated.Sometimes elevated fixed tail expresses interest.A trailing tail could mean uncertainty or fatigue, and pursed - fear.


dressed pose rearing wool, spaced legs, lowered head and raised tail mean aggression.If the dog lay down in front of you on the back and lifted her legs - she trusts you, she is happy and wants to play.Another appeal to the game is the famous dog posture: hind legs stand, and the front lying on the ground, back arched, head up.


almost always a direct fixed gaze of the dog is a challenge and a threat.If the dog is unfamiliar to you, avoid direct eye contact.If the dog is hiding eyes or looking at the floor - perhaps she has done something wrong and feels guilt or fear of punishment.

How do you know that the dog is pregnant

Usually dogs pregnancy lasts 61-66 days.In the early stage of pregnancy is difficult to see the dog: its body is almost no change.Sometimes, on the 2nd week can appear drowsiness and lethargy.A month later, the skin swells in the area of ​​the breast that are beginning to stand out and grow.Also, the belly begins to grow.

best to take her favorite for examination to a veterinary clinic, where with the help of ultrasound to confirm or refute pregnancy.Such surveys can be carried out in three weeks, approximately 21 days.

addition of ultrasound to confirm pregnancy in dogs are bled and produce serum analysis.It's pretty simple and common procedure, giving almost perfect result.Conduct it can also be the third week.

dogs after 30 days become more quiet, sensitive and cautious.They increased appetite.At a later date to understand that the dog is pregnant it is much easier - not only seen her belly grew, but also the movement of puppies in it.