What to feed a chihuahua ?

What to feed a chihuahua ?

The smallest breed of dog in the world - this is the Chihuahua.Adults weigh about 0.5-0.9 kg, and puppies, and even less.However, their diminutive size and weight does not prevent them from being agile and playful.Just born puppy until three weeks of age fed exclusively mother's milk, which has a certain set of vitamins necessary for an active dog.But after this time you need to decide on how to feed the chihuahua.After all, poor diet can lead to serious health problems your pet.

Natural food or ready food

Start feeding young puppies can be peas from beef meat.Giving such food can be a few times a day, each time increasing the number of them in minor amounts.

If your puppy was purchased in the nursery, the first time it needs to be fed with what he ate there.Since it first time will get used to the new place of residence, it must be translated into the new diet gradually, so it was not stressful for him.

While chihuahua puppy reaches the age of 6 months, it should be fed no less than 4 times a day, then you can reduce the number of meals to three.When feeding small puppies in front of each host is always the question arises, what to feed a chihuahua.How do I choose natural food, cooked his own hand, or feed, store-bought?

  • Prepared feeds, certainly already have the required amount of vitamins and minerals needed for normal development of any dog.
  • However, if we talk about nutritional natural food, it can be observed that they absorbed several times faster.
  • In this issue the best option is a combined food, a combination of prepared feeds and cooked yourself.To dog food is better absorbed by the natural, it is necessary to add vitamins, which are sold in any pet store.
  • If you prefer to feed your puppy ready to feed, it is necessary to pre-soak the food with hot water before use.
  • can give kids Chihuahua ground beef that has been pre-treated with boiling water, or finely sliced ​​meat chicken or turkey.
  • Feeding a Chihuahua must include in the diet and fish.You can combine the minced fish and poultry a few times a week.However, it should not give the dog eat pollock, as it is the only fish that can not be digested by the puppy.
  • Several times a week breeders are advised to boil for dogs egg yolk.Raw eggs in any case should not be included in the diet, as they can infect the baby salmonellosis.
  • Among fruits puppies prefer apples that grated.In disorders of the intestines dog will help the banana, as it has antidiarrheal properties.

prepare meals themselves

choosing than you can feed a Chihuahua, you should pay particular attention to what vitamins are best suited for the puppy.It is not necessary to add in food animal fish oil.Despite all of its beneficial properties, it is less absorbed by the body of the animal.It is advisable to buy special systems that are designed for puppies and follow the instructions enclosed in the package.

should comply with certain rules when feeding this breed.First of all, we should not give too hot and cold food.Foods have to be at room temperature.Treat for dog best pure filtered water.Just like humans, dogs harmful drinking unboiled water from the tap.

Recipes for

dogs Consider, what to feed a puppy Chihuahua recipes of some dishes.

  • Take a carrot or broccoli, beef and rice.Cook beef until cooked and cut into small pieces.Now cook the rice, and cooked meat added to it.Also, to put carrots and all stewed over a slow fire.We give the dish some time to cool down it, and We serve dog.
  • For the second you need to stock up on prescription zucchini, eggplant, carrots, onions and meat.Take thinly sliced ​​raw meat, add the grated vegetables and a bit of iodine at the tip of a spoon in it.All this is thrown into the broth and wait until the mixture becomes mushy.The food is ready!
  • Here you will need buckwheat, beef, carrots and cabbage.All ingredients should be boiled and grate.To reduce it to puree, add there a little olive oil.

harmful products

Owners of small dog breeds is also worth remembering that not all foods that people eat, useful and suitable for dogs.Therefore, the question of what you can feed a Chihuahua, so important.

  • Examples harmful food can lead nuts, which contains a large amount of phosphorus, which leads to kidney stones in an animal.With regard to walnuts, their dog's body does perceives as toxic substances.
  • Do not feed the animals of different sausages, because they are too toxic.Also, do not give a chihuahua and milk products, to avoid a variety of health problems.
  • It is worth noting that you can not feed a dog pig meat, river fish or pollock.Candy and other sweets destroy dogs intestines and impaired her vision.Also, it does not have a small dog beans and peas, because they harm the digestion.But sauerkraut can be once a week to add to the diet of the puppy.
  • to anemia can lead to excessive consumption of onions dog, because it contains substances that destroy blood cells.
  • particularly harmful to the stomach of the dog a sweet pepper.It can cause gastritis.Also, in any case should not give your puppy fried food.

buying finished feed your dog gets a specially designed vitamin complexes, which were invented by nutritionists and do not bear any harm to the animal organism.But sometimes the owners do not make mistakes in the selection of products for feeding, and in violation of the eating animals.In no case should not overfeed an animal, no matter how much you did not like him.Plant pet, the first thing you need to know how many times to feed the chihuahua.

Try to keep active your dog's life: the withdrawal of her for a walk, let it interact with other dogs.Try to give it as much attention, but then it will grow healthy and happy.