As the dog tags ?

As the dog tags ?

When there is a desire to have a pet, such as a cat or dog must also be recognition that these animals are able to mark the territory in which they live.But like a dog marks territory - well, it just relieve themselves in a particular location.But this simple expression.In fact, the so-created animal nature, laid the basic principles of relations with the world in the process.This can be prevented, but still the problem is to wean the dog mark, is not very simple.

wean the dog mark

Like any living thing, your tailed friend gives in to education in the same way as humans.Distinguished as soon as the degree of understanding of your pet, so it is necessary to use special methods and techniques.This problem occurs almost every owner of a pet, if the time to do everything possible to solve the problem.In order to know exactly how to solve the problem, you need to understand exactly why the dog tag.

As for males, it is believed that they mark territory larger than females.This view is erroneous.Dogs of small breeds can mark territory because of its size, because large houses they uncomfortable and are not perceived as the big dogs.The objectives of this are very simple - the animal wants to show his dominance, the claim to the territory, females, food and more.If there is a stranger at home, which can encroach on anything, the dog can express themselves.Swirls, as mentioned above, also mark territory.This occurs during their heat or in the case when the house has other dogs.The senior hierarchy bitch capable seine tags younger but young puppies.If the animal will feel freedom and its superiority to the owner, then the consequences will be the same sad.The reasons may be more stressful condition favorite, another dog in the house, or even hormonal problems.On the reasons could understand, now we need to find ways of how to wean the dog mark at home.

look at the root of the problem

fix problems must be more radically.To prevent dog dominance over the owner, it is important for it to become a leader.Do not allow her to sleep on the beds, chairs, that is, in the high places.Any leader must first select the food and can even have a pet.It is possible to play at the event "spectacle" of this kind to the dog, which will cause him to respect the host.At a time when a dog marks territory, you can punish her scare.Doing it after the dog walked away, useless.

What to do with the marked sections

Flagged areas should be cleaned better to pet the smell did not find this place, and has not put a new label.In the room you can put a small apartment a special enclosure in which to prepare a special place for the toilet.Many believe that the dog can easily be neutered, which is able to accurately solve the problem, but it does not guarantee a perfect result, so do not spoil the nature and mock animal.Let no castration from this wean heavier, but still quite possible.We need to feel the subtle psychology and to establish control over the animal to deal with the fact that the dog tags home.What to do - now known to be important to act as soon as possible when your little one is not much more time to get used to it.