As the dog sleep ?

As the dog sleep ?

Perhaps each of us noticed that the dog before bedtime spinning in one place, like a pinwheel.They do this, as you know, is no accident.This is a kind of habit lies chetyrehlapyh our friends at the genetic level.Dogs by moving around its axis, however, snow or tramp grass, thus creating a shallow socket.This "bed" simplifies animal sleep in a pose ring, common to all the dog, and protects from the wind (as well as "extra eyes").

Continuing the theme of how the dogs are sleeping, it should be noted that the above position for sleep is very important for these animals.Curling up, the dog loses less heat.Of course, pets, rest on the warm rugs, this advantage is irrelevant, because in our apartments and houses frost does not happen.However, genetic memory does its work, and the dog continued to sleep in the position of the ring and on the street and indoors.


Even if the dog is in space, where nothing threatens her, she always keeps wary.Like a wild wolf, curled up in a pit, the family dog ​​during sleep hears and feels everything that happens around it.Moreover, despite the fact that this animal eye at rest is usually closed.Any, even the slightest sound or significant unexpected smell, able to wake up the dog and bring it to a state of "readiness."

sleep period with a view, where the dogs sleep and how they do it, figured out.It is necessary to talk about sleep period.In fact, even experienced vets are not able to clearly answer the question of how much, on average, a dog asleep.It all depends on the individual animal, its way of life and health.There are cases when, going to work, the owners locked their pets apartment for the day and left on the camera to monitor the animals.The dog, instead of enjoying the freedom of the sea, and space, fell into a long sleep.Obviously, out of boredom.Animal wakes up only when its owners came home.Although spent the day in a state of sleep, insomnia at night, this dog also suffered.

As for how many dogs sleep (and wolves) in nature, we should also talk about the impressive period of sleep.In wild animals long sleep is rare, however, for a total of twenty-four hours a wolf or a street dog can rest more than 12 hours.