How to persuade their parents to buy a dog ?

How to persuade their parents to buy a dog ?

Every child at one time, probably, wanted to get a dog.However, not all parents fulfill desires of their children, so we have to resort to tricks, begging to buy a pet.Thus, the rules have been developed, how to persuade their parents to buy a dog.Try to check on their own families.

Buy a dog: the rules of persuasion parents

  1. First, you need to convince parents that you're really responsible person and is able to take care not only about themselves but also for others.Moreover, it should be visible throughout not only academically but also in dealing with everyday problems.The main point is not to start behaving badly lead, if the parents do not penetrate your requirements.In this case, you will not wait for animal purchases.That is good behavior - half the success.
  2. Infinitely tell stories about some cute dogs you have seen today during a walk and what they are beautiful.It is possible to accidentally add that it is very bad that you do not have it ... Not Retrieve your lost!Tears annoy parents, and there is the most and lengthen the waiting time pet.
  3. If rock was found, is to teach parents to her slowly.Show them all sorts of pictures, keep a conversation about how good this breed, to talk about all the positive qualities of the animal.Do such action is in small portions over time.Try to get them to show to your friends with the dog in the kennel.

It so happens that the parents put you to certain conditions (for example, study at 5, go home at seven, get out of the room) - take them and do not invent excuses in response.

Extreme measures

In addition, there are ways and extreme persuasion of parents to buy a dog.

  • You can learn a song Zakhoder and constantly humming with her tragic face: Oh, somewhere in cats and dogs running around the world - but no cats or dogs I do not have ...
  • dragged the animal home.It so happens that the parents get used to the dog and leave her to live at home.However, among the parents meet and quite strict and principled, who are able to give back to the dog, and sometimes even throw it.Always bear in mind is, and such a development.
  • Try to find a job related to the-range four-legged animals.You will have all day to communicate with dogs, and you can still and get paid for it.

However, there are quite serious reasons why the parents do not want you to go on about.Try to understand them.There are times that you live in a small apartment, or someone from the household is allergic to dog fur.In this case, all of the above attempts futile.

Using these simple tips on how to persuade their parents to buy a dog, you will achieve a positive result.