What are the dogs ?

What are the dogs ?

We all know that a dog - man's best friend.In addition, she is also the home psychologist, warmer, teacher, trainer, matchmaker, a symbol of good luck and a security device.Dogs with us everywhere: on the streets and at home, on the beach and in the mountains, at fashionable parties and in beauty salons.They even visited in space before humans.About canine loyalty and devotion to the owner, tell legends, make films and compose songs.

How to choose a friend

say that dogs resemble their owners, not only habits, but also externally.Moreover, this is true of even whole states.Value for dog breeds in a particular country, it is very interesting to characterize the population.

If you dream of a shaggy friend and decide what kind of dog to have, be sure to find out about the characteristics of different breeds and especially care for them.Each breed has its own unique features that supports people through breeding - is an external similarity and behavior.Try to find out the pros and cons of the dog that interests you.Sometimes we motivate their choice by the fact that such a cute puppy eyes and very fluffy fur - it is irresponsible in relation to the living creature.Each breed has its own requirements, improper care may lead to loss of appetite, sickness, and even death.Big German Shepherd closely in a studio apartment.Beautiful wool lap dog living in the country, will hang dirty scraps, and representatives of aggressive fighting breeds might accidentally bite a naughty kid.Therefore, when deciding which dog is best, consider how much you have time and space, as well as their financial capacity.It is best to consult a veterinarian and consult with family.

Fashion for dog breed changes each decade.In recent years, more and more popular little dog, occupying little space and traveling with her "glamorous" masters of the world.Consider what are the breeds of dogs and how to care for them

Rating fashionable breeds

  • Yorkshire Terrier.The first place is occupied by the smallest Terriers in the world.Among the celebrities considered good form to appear in public, holding the hands of the little fluffy ball.They are popular not only in Hollywood, these kids are very convenient to have in a city apartment.
  • Chihuahua.The smallest dog in the world - curious, hardy and mobile.These watches can be worn around the apartment, very loyal.Among the shortcomings - touchy if they shout, the whole day may not go to the owner.Jealous.
  • lapdog.Small dog breeds with thick white hair, loved-friendly and flirtatious.
  • Pekingese.Derived in ancient China, little red pussies.It has gained popularity due to its small size, playful and friendly character.
  • Sharpay.Guard dog with an unusual appearance.Soft wrinkled skin, the average value and a very inquisitive mind the basis of their popularity.In addition they are not very sociable and very calm and faithful.
  • German Shepherd.For many years, this breed retains its position in the top ten most popular.This is one of the most intelligent dogs.Due to the fact that they are easily trainable, they are used at the border, in military and anti-terrorist operations, they are wonderful companions and loyal guard.
  • Staffordshire Terrier.It is willful and aggressive.If you decide to have a Staffordshire Terrier, you will need the rigidity of character and the right training.But in the right hands, they do not show aggression, and very friendly people.
  • Rottweiler.Popular service dogs, large and powerful, resilient and courageous.They will be wonderful companions energetic people as in need of heavy load.
  • Labrador Retriever.Top-nanny dog ​​- kind, intelligent, sociable and at the same time, very calm and not aggressive.
  • Poodle.Curly, shaggy clumps differ mind, good temper, very playful, sometimes even too much.If a poodle does not play, he may even become depressed.His beautiful coat needs constant care and grooming.

Now you know what are the dogs, and you can make an informed choice, but if in spite of all the arguments of reason, you want to have this particular puppy with smart and bold eyes - then you have found your dog.