How to communicate ?

How to communicate ?

We live in a society that is regularly in contact with other people, so in order to achieve their goals, successful interaction just need to know how to communicate.Communication - is not just the exchange of information, is an art!Let us detail the areas of communication, where there is the most difficult.

How to communicate with men

  1. specific.Forget about the ambiguity.If women are accustomed to reading between the lines of all, that men perceive all messages directly and specifically, not solving your hints and secret thoughts.Says the man what you mean!Ask about what you want to know specifically.
  2. sequence.A good relationship between a man and a woman can spoil it is the inconsistency of the woman, when she speaks, first one and then suddenly starts doing something else entirely.It is not necessary to change his mind a thousand times.
  3. Cheerfulness.Capricious and grumbling selfish, evil and eternally disgruntled woman nobody likes.Do not try to attract the attention of men to their bad mood that he felt sorry for you.Sweet, pleasant woman in a good mood always attracts the eyes of men more than the super beauty who always builds disgruntled mine.
  4. Admire man.It is in the positive side, praise him.Men tend to spend more time with those women, who know how to entertain their self-esteem.
  5. Allow yourself to be weak next to the man.With the one with which he will feel like a real hero, a strong man, and he will remain.Let him take care of you.
  6. If you want to fall in love with a man, take the initiative to communicate, in the meetings.And when you see that it is interesting to you, loosen your head.Let him feel like a hunter in the conquest of you.

How to communicate with children

  1. Say "no" to unreasonable prohibitions.Think, is not whether all your communication with a child of the words "should" and "can not".This is the same person as we are.oh how we would not like it if we always something prohibited without providing logical explanations.Build your prohibitions and requirements in the form of an interesting conversation about life with the provision of alternatives.For example, you do not like that children draw on the wallpaper.Logically explain to your child as an adult, why you do not like.And also offer an alternative - to draw on the old wallpaper.
  2. Talk to your child about their feelings.Controlling your emotions, without explaining to the child that you are irritated, frightened or upset in his behavior, you just simply throw all the aggression in children.
  3. not forbid to cry.Talk to your child as an adult - in fact, that is what it is frustrating.tell me what you understand his problem and his feelings, offer a way out of the situation.For example, babies cry in the garden in the morning, so my mother did not leave.Discuss the problem and offer to play in certain games, to sit on his knees at the teacher, when it becomes sad again.

How to communicate with customers

Now the work.analyze the rules of communication to the buyer and the seller an example, how to communicate with customers.

  1. individual approach.If you want to make a profit, try to talk with each customer in his own language.We like most of those who are like us, and therefore we listen to such people is when you buy a product or a transaction.
  2. Do not be rude to the customer, if he says that somewhere else is the same, he will receive several times cheaper.Confident and kindly advise him not to overpay, but to save money, if he is 100% confident in the quality and turnaround time.
  3. If caught a difficult client, screams, swears, then quietly take a nice piece of paper, a pen, and ask him to slow down to express their claim on the fact.Ask for his opinion, he sees a way out in this situation.You will see how his ardor subsides!


Finally it's time to talk about how to talk on the phone and on the Internet.Phone:

  1. Plan the conversation.Record key phrases.
  2. Make sure that all the necessary documents at hand.
  3. At the end be sure to move the conversation up: let slip briefly result, for example, place and time of the meeting.

Internet communication also depends on your goals and on whom it comes.Communicate with man - once again re-read the aforementioned recommendations.Communicate with the girl - use pickup rules in life and translate them online to catch her.