How to cure a cat ?

How to cure a cat ?

Those people who love animals tend to know that a pet can catch a cold or catch the virus as well as people.And those who have the animal fell ill for the first time, usually frightened and often make mistakes.For example, in order to accurately determine how critical the condition of the animal is required to understand some of the symptoms.We will talk about how to treat a cat when the cat caught a cold or was poisoning.

should not be overlooked that the cat will not be able to tell you what feels bad.We need to be attentive to your pet and see the time variations in his behavior, who can talk about the ailment.

  • cat nose is usually wet, but if Kitty is not good - the nose can be hot and dry.
  • cat refuses to eat.
  • a cat vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Coughing, sneezing.Sometimes cat may sneeze simply from the fact that his nose dust or mote.


Before cure cat, you should determine what exactly happened to the animals.If the cat is showing all the signs of a cold, then you need to treat it from her.Do not forget that the animal should drink plenty of fluids.Let the bowl will always be water.If the cat can not drink alone, it is recommended to pour the water in the mouth with a syringe, removing the needle.In this case, water should be injected regularly dosed portions.

eyes and nose should be cleaned with a cotton pad moistened with warm water.The goal of these manipulations - to clear these places of mucus accumulations prevent covered with a crust.In particularly difficult cases, when the cat runny nose can bury his nose drops children, or buy special vetapteke, cat.However, it should be done, if the animal is suffering and can not breathe.

Showing at a cold air humidifier.Keep calm Kitty, let him be warm.If the discharge from the nose or eyes become thick, yellowed or become green - it says about the complications or the presence of infection.In this case, it is very desirable to organize the examination of the animal by a veterinarian.The doctor will probably prescribe antibiotics and injections, tell you how to cure a cat.Independently appoint cat serious drugs or injections, with no experience, it is not necessary.


If the cat is poisoned - should act differently.Ability to swallow saved, and it does not tear continually?3 Give the animal activated charcoal tablets.The tablets difficult to swallow, so you can replace them enterosgelem, which is easier to pour seals.Make sure the cat is drinking a lot of water.If not want - pour syringe, as described above.Well, having some experience of injections can be administered by intramuscular saline and glucose.However, it should be done carefully, competently.

If the cat does not rise more than a day, no improvement occurs - it may happen that the infection is now the general intoxication.Here, it helps only antibiotics and vitamins.Naturally, the treatment and the scheme should be to recommend a veterinarian.

note that cats are rarely victims of poisoning, as very clean.Most often it is the cats that go outside.So, how to cure a cat is not always easy, keep pussy did not catch mice.

It is said that cats are very diverse disease.Therefore it is better to carry out the compulsory prevention rather than cure.It is necessary that your pet had all the necessary vaccinations.Do not force the animal to freeze.Before you close the balcony at night, make sure that the cat is not there.There are times when a pet jumps into the stairwell (for example, when they leave the guests), and in the confusion the owner closes the door, leaving the cat to freeze it until the morning.

And be sure to consult with your veterinarian.All metabolic processes in animals accelerated compared with the human, so the cat can go through all the stages of the disease much faster, which is good only for the convalescent.Let your cat will be happy and healthy!