How to name a parrot - boy ?

How to name a parrot - boy ?

said that people who have pets at home, happier, and the level of their health are much higher than those who did not give birth to animals.So whether it is impossible to know for sure, but the fact that animals are very often elevate mood and bestow joy, hardly anyone will dispute.


pets are like most small - mice, hamsters, and large - large dog breeds, ordinary - cats, and exotic - snakes and lizards.Pets are also feathered.Among poultry most popular parrots that do not require special conditions of detention and can live in a private home, and in a city apartment.

purchasing a parrot, first of all, after everything pet household, the question arises nicknames.Choosing a name for a parrot - male or female - you need to know a few simple rules.

Choosing a name

Brevity - the key to success for

parrot will be an excellent short nickname, becausethere is a likelihood that the pet will learn to pronounce it.The best choice would be a one-syllable name is Dick and Yasha.

deciding what to call the boy's parrot, you can select it and a long name, but be brief her counterpart.That is to say, the name and passport name in everyday life.An example would be Jack Jackson, Ricardo, Rick, Boniface-Bonya.

«Easy" name

choosing a nickname parrot, bird watchers are advised to pay attention to a hissing sound in the name, as well as the sounds of "h" and "p."It sounds easy to say the bird, and she can learn how to pronounce his name without any problems.

fun surrounding

Thinking how to call the boy's parrot, can be considered ridiculous and funny names.An example might be a nickname Zipper, Carlos, Nafanja.If the parrot has some distinctive ability, can be called Shurshunom - if you like to flap their wings, Goblin - if not very pretty, or pulque - here it is clear why.

What should I avoid

choosing a nickname parrot, it is not necessary to call a bird with human names, or the names of family members.And it is worth considering that the band's sound - "m", "n", "l" - unpronounceable for the birds, so that, using these sounds in the name of your pet, do not expect to teach a bird to utter his name.