How to make a nest parrot ?

How to make a nest parrot ?

lovers of beautiful, bright, exotic parrots, very often try to breed them at home.However, not all are thinking how to make the parrot nest, the pair could easily engage in breeding.By their nature, these birds are gregarious and therefore it is very difficult to start breeding in the absence of relatives.

If the house has several pairs of the birds, the wind and the chicks they are likely to start with.Since it is much more natural and familiar to them.Because the cells with different pairs should be positioned so that they may see each other and can "communicate".Birds themselves are not able to build a nest and therefore, for them to have to do it to the man.It is best to install a nest in the summer when the day is long, and the air temperature is optimal.As in other seasons will have to support artificial illumination of 18 hours per day and a temperature not lower than 21 degrees.

simplifies the task

In order to understand how to make a nest budgies enough to remember the birdhouse.In appearance it is fully consistent with this structure.So it should be a box, a square bottom which is 25 cm and the height and depth of about 15 cm. The design can be more, however, then it will take up too much space.However, in this case, the chicks will grow up right there, and will not seek out ahead of time.Thus, they would be more secure.Do not lodge plywood better, since it is too fragile material.

socket should be used for the thin wooden boards, you can use any.House must be well treated sandpaper, and at the joints should be no gaps.When deciding how to make a nest for the parrot should be considered a feature.After contact with the female in it, it has to jump on the step, for which, it should be positioned recess.It was in her and she will lay her eggs.It is necessary to fall asleep to sawdust.Taking them can be from any tree except pine.Also, the shell must be present, it contains the necessary calcium female.House must be easy to open, so that it could clean up and disinfect against pests after the chicks come out of it.